Pole dancing is a post-pandemic fitness rage which can fix your flexibility and strength

Swirling up and down a pole is not just an aesthetic art form! Yes, dear ladies, the benefits of pole dancing are awesome to say the least.
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 23 Feb 2022, 15:47 pm IST
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It was in 2002 that Bollywood ‘yogini’ Malaika Arora impressed us with her pole dancing skills in the song Maahi ve from the movie ‘Kaante’. Until then, we felt that this was a terrain that was marked for celebrities. No longer, because pole dancing has become one of the best ways to keep fit post-pandemic, and is a lot of fun too! But what is it about this fitness form that makes it so popular? What are the benefits of pole dancing? Let’s dive in!

Benefits of pole dancing

Karishma Soni (34), a Delhi-based banking professional, was worried about her declining fitness levels. She was super fit before the pandemic, but staying at home completely wrecked her routine. She was also feeling anxious about the number on the scale. It also gave rise to body image issues, and things were only looking bleak. That’s when she enrolled herself for a pole dancing class.

“After much convincing from a friend, I was motivated enough to join a pole dancing class. I was very conscious about my weight, and was in two minds. I am so happy I went ahead with it because my stamina levels have improved and how. Plus, I am losing weight, while doing something fun. It’s a win-win, I say,” she adds.

Soni’s account has been testified by Prerna Sundaram (29), a pole dancer based out of Mumbai. She outlining the benefits of pole dancing, as follows:

* It is a great overall workout for your body
* Pole dancing can help you gain strength
* It can improve your balance
* It can boost coordination
* One of the biggest advantage is that it strengthens your spine.
* You can indulge in pole dancing at any age

Even Bollywood actresses such as Jacqueline Fernandez, Yami Gautam, Malaika and more have been doing pole dancing. Here’s Kriti Kharbanda indulging in it too!

Things to keep in mind to make the most of the benefits of pole dancing

1. What you wear matters when you pole dance

This is an important consideration, when you pick up pole dancing. You may have seen several women wearing short clothes, while performing the feat. Well, that’s a prerequisite for this art. Sundaram tells HealthShots, “At the initial level, you could be in your usual track pants and tank tops, to prevent your body from injury. But when you climb to an advanced level, you must wear shorts and a sports bra, so that your skin can grip the pole better.”


Keep an idea of your risk of weight-related issues.

Check BMI

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2. Take the help of a trainer

You may think that sliding down a pole is very easy, but it’s not. That’s why always take the help of a pole dancing expert, who can guide you better. “In case you have a medical condition, make sure to tell your trainer. Also, always consult a doctor before making any such decision. Strength is the most important quality required to do pole dancing. And the benefits of pole dancing are not just limited to physical health, but mental health too,” adds Sundaram.

Come, watch what Tania Sudan, a professional pole dancer and fitness expert, has to say about this fitness form.

Here are some tips if you are a beginner

1. Do not be in a rush to reach the advanced level. Take small steps and gradually build your strength.
2. Avoid using lotion before your class
3. You can use a grip aid during the first few classes.
4. Always try pole dancing under the able guidance of a qualified instructor.
5. Wear the right clothes.
6. Practice the art regularly to get better at it.

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