Chaitra Navratri 2023: Skip these exercises while fasting

Fasting during Chaitra Navratri 2023? Make sure to exercise as well but pick the right exercises while fasting.
Exercises to avoid during Navratri
Exercises you should avoid during Navratri. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 23 Mar 2023, 10:00 am IST
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Chaitra Navratri is not just about praying and enjoying the festivities. Fasting is also a highlight of this nine-day festival, which started on March 22 this year. But fasting doesn’t mean skipping working out. Well, you might think that fasting can make you weak and so, you should not exercise. Nope, that’s not an excuse. Exercising and fasting can go hand-in-hand. You just have to pick the right exercises during Navratri so that you don’t exert yourself. Look for low-energy exercises that can keep your body’s metabolism intact.

HealthShots connected with fitness guru Aminder Singh of Team Aminder fame to find out the exercises you should skip during Navratri.

Exercises to avoid during Navratri

Your diet goes through a lot of changes during Navratri. Most people avoid non-vegetarian food during the nine-day period, resulting in less protein consumption. Yes, there are options for vegetarians, who can eat foods high in protein. But if you rely on meat for protein, then your body will get it less during Navratri.

Singh says that protein plays a vital part in boosting the energy. So, when protein is not consumed, you know what will happen. That’s why some of the exercises should be avoided during this time.

exercising during navratri
Pick low intensity exercises during Navratri. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Here are some of exercises that don’t go well with fasting –

1. Heavy lifting

It should be avoided as your energy levels may decrease due to fasting and your body will become more prone to injuries. When a person tries to lift heavy wights, a bad posture, incorrect form or bending awkwardly can cause injuries to your body. So, instead of focusing on lifting heavy weights, you should work on correcting your postures, target different muscles and relieve the stress.

2. Non-competitive sport

If you play sports for exercising purpose, you should indulge in fewer activities in a non-competitive way. Games like cricket, football and squash should be avoided, as they take a lot of stamina, says the expert.

3. Multi-joint exercises

Such exercises can cause strain on your body, and that’s something you don’t want, especially during festivities. Try to avoid exercises like squats and bench presses to have higher energy levels.

4. Sprinting

It is basically running over a short distance at a high speed in a limited period of time. The expert says that it takes a lot of force and pressure on your body. A lot of calories are burned, and you don’t want that to happen while you are fasting.

Exercises you can do during Navratri

You can stay fit by working out during Navratri.


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Here’s what you can do –

1. Breathing exercises

Singh says that breathing exercises and techniques help your internal system to get better. So, practicing regular breathing exercises will help increase your oxygen levels and calm your body. You can go for alternate nose breathing to help improve the defense mechanism of your body and reduce stress.

exercising during navratri
You can do a bit of stretching to stay fit during Navratri. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

2. Stretching

It’s something that’s very simple, but effective. You can give 5 to 10 minutes of your time to stretching. It will target each muscle of your body and act as a lubricant for your joints.

3. Plank hold

During plank exercise, your body is on a still mode but it targets all your body muscles. It can be done at your own home with zero equipment and help to strengthen your core by engaging a lot of muscles.

So, be careful if you are trying to exercise during this Navratri season.

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