Best yoga blocks: 10 top picks to deepen your stretches

Yoga should be performed in the right way as one mistake can lead to injuries. So, try the best yoga blocks.
best yoga blocks
Improve your balance and flexibility by using the best yoga blocks. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 19 Jun 2024, 18:12 pm IST
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Yoga is an ancient practice that allows you to take a holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. But do you often feel frustrated in yoga classes as you find it difficult to hold or perform certain yoga poses? If yes, using the best yoga blocks may solve your problem. These specially designed fitness accessories may deepen your practice and experience. While yoga can enhance your overall well-being, it can also impact negatively if not performed correctly. So, incorporating yoga blocks may save you from the risk of injuries. Generally made using foam, cork and wood material, this equipment can improve your alignment, increase flexibility, and enhance strength. We have compiled a list of the best yoga blocks, which you may use to perform challenging poses with ease.

What are yoga blocks?

Yoga bricks or yoga blocks are fitness tools that are made up of foams, cork and wood. They come in different shapes and sizes, which enable you to choose from a wide variety according to your needs. These lightweight yet sturdy tools provide extra support, balance, stability and help achieve proper alignment during the yoga practice. Including this tool in your workout routine can help you refine your postures, prevent injuries and deepen the stretches.

10 best yoga blocks for better balance

Here are some of the top yoga bricks to help improve stability and flexibility to your yoga practice.

1. WiseLife Cork Yoga Block

If you are looking for cork yoga blocks, try these brick sets from WiseLife. These high-density locks provide optimum balance and support. It is great for enhancing performance because it helps deepen the stretches and aligns your postures perfectly. It also claims to be 100 percent non-toxic, non-slippery, sweat resistant and eco-friendly. These made in India blocks are durable, lightweight and sturdy.

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2. Strauss Wooden Yoga Bricks

Wooden yoga blocks ensure increased safety, stability and balance. If you also wish to avail these benefits, try the yoga bricks from Strauss. Made with high-quality and durable hardwood, these blocks support a wide range of yoga poses. It is lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry. The bevelled edges of the bricks provide comfort, support and enhance alignment. It claims to be the perfect yoga blocks for beginners as it makes difficult poses accessible to them and helps them hold the posture for a longer period of time.

3. AmazonBasics Foam Yoga Blocks

The AmazonBasics foam yoga blocks help promote better balance, proper alignment and depper poses. It is made with high-density and durable foam material, which ensures long-lasting performance and reliable support. These bricks feature slip-resistant surface and round edges to provide a steady grip and a secure hold. The yoga blocks are lightweight, modular and come with a warranty of one year.

4. Boldfit Yoga Blocks

The Boldfit Yoga Blocks are made with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) material, which makes it durable and sturdy. It provides support, balance, flexibility and helps perform difficult poses with safety. Additionally, these bricks are perfect for all types of exercises and also provide better posture for meditation.It comes with a strap and ensures better grip without worrying about slips.

5. Gaiam Yoga Bricks

The Gaiam Yoga Block ensures hassle-free usage. It is made up with high-quality EVA foam, which ensures a better grip. These bricks feature a non-slip surface, which makes your yoga session safe. The yoga blocks come in four different colours and these are perfect for pilates and meditation as well.

6. The Yogis High Density Yoga Block

Formulated with EVA foam material, these yoga blocks from The Yogis come with a strap. It helps deepen the stretches and improves your postures. Its non-slip surface ensures safety while performing yoga. These bricks can help you perform a variety of exercises.

7. Serveuttam High-Density EVA Yoga Support

Serveuttam High-Density EVA Yoga Support is made using ethylene vinyl acetate material. This fitness tool is 100 per cent non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-slip. It is lightweight, high-density and sturdy foam, which ensures long-lasting durability. This block features bevelled edges, which provide a soft grip. With its moisture-proof material, this yoga block may keep the bacteria away. It also promises to elongate your stretches and align your posture perfectly.

8. Bodylastics Yoga Blocks

Try one of the best yoga blocks for beginners from Bodylastics. This set of 2 yoga blocks is made using ethylene vinyl acetate material. It promises to provide stability, and balance and extend your stretches. This yoga block comes with a D-ring stretching strap, which may help increase your range of motion. Perfect for all types of yoga, these blocks may deepen your poses, ensure optimal alignment and enhance overall flexibility. With its non-slip surface, this yoga block may help perform yoga poses with ease, safety and comfort. By adapting the moisture-proof material, these blocks may help absorb sweat.

9. WiseLife Teal Yoga Block

WiseLife Teal Yoga Block comes with an 8-foot stretch belt. Crafted using high-quality EVA foam, this block may enhance your practice. It is lightweight, durable and easy to transport. The brand claims that this product will help you improve your alignment, deepen your stretches and enhance your experience.

10. The Gym Bucket Yoga Wooden Block

The Gym Bucket Yoga Wooden Block comes with a layer of a thin protective coat of sealer and has a smooth finish. The circular arc edge of these blocks makes them safe and comfortable to use. With their surface hardness, these blocks can provide strong support without bending or deforming. The brand claims that this yoga block is perfect for pilates, yoga practice and more.

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How to choose the best yoga blocks?

  • Understand the material of yoga blocks as it will help you choose the right product. Go for foam blocks if you are looking for lightweight, comfortable and affordable options. Cork yoga blocks are made to offer a strong and firm grip, and provide support and stability. Opt for wooden blocks if you are looking for durable options, which can provide a solid base.
  • Consider the size and shape of the product. Large blocks offer more stability, while smaller blocks provide better grip.
  • Understand your level of practice and type of yoga. For beginners, foam locks are best, while cork and wooden blocks work best for intermediate and advanced practitioners.
  • Try to test different yoga blocks to understand the quality. It will help to buy the best product.
  • Fix your budget and then compare different products within that range. Make sure to buy the product, which offers the best value for your money.

What are the different types of yoga blocks?

Yoga blocks are made of three different materials, foam blocks, cork blocks and wooden blocks. Foam blocks are lightweight, have a softer texture and are budget-friendly. Cork blocks are made from natural corks. They offer sturdier support and provide a non-slip surface. Wooden blocks are made to withstand wear and tear. They provide a stable base and can help you perform various poses with ease.

How to use yoga blocks?

  • In order to avoid strain or lower back pain while performing standing yoga poses like triangle pose or forward fold, place the blocks under your hands to bring the ground closer. It provides additional support and enhances proper alignment.
  • During balancing poses, use the blocks to bring the floor closer, enhanced stability and balance.
  • While performing seated stretches like ek pada rajakapotasana, place the yoga bricks under your hands or forehead to deepen the stretches and maintain alignment.
  • Position the yoga blocks under your hands or upper back during heart-opening poses. It enhances the greatest chest and shoulders openings.
  • Use the yoga blocks to support your head or for gaining heights during headstand or handstands. It will help you build strength and confidence.
  • To maintain the proper alignment, position the blocks between thighs during chair pose or under the hands during plank pose.

Benefits of yoga blocks

1. Improves alignment: The bricks help improve proper alignment by providing stability and helping you to focus on correct form.
2. Increases flexibility: It can help you modify poses, which can enhance your flexibility without causing any injury.
3. Beginner-friendly: Yoga blocks provide extra support to the beginners and make their experience enriching. It makes difficult poses accessible.
4. Improves balance: These blocks enhance balance by allowing you to focus on stability and strength building.
5. Prevents injuries: It reduces strains by helping you avoid overstretching or forcing your body to perform uncomfortable poses.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Which type of yoga block is best?
    It depends on personal preference and level of practice. For beginners, foam blocks are best as they are lightweight and budget-friendly. For intermediate or advanced practitioners, cork and wooden blocks are best as they offer a solid base, stability and standing.
  • Are yoga blocks worth it?
    Yoga blocks are one of the best fitness tools as they can enhance alignment, provide support and increase flexibility. It can help you perform various poses with ease, safety and comfort.

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