Best walking shoes for women: 6 most comfortable picks

Morning walks can help you feel better and improve your health. So, check out this list of the best walking shoes for women.
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Tanya Shree Published: 14 Jun 2024, 10:30 am IST
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Walking is one of the most effective ways to improve your physical and mental health. An hour of walking in your garden or a nearby park can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and conditions like diabetes. So, why not just make your morning walk routine more comfortable by wearing the right shoes? A well-designed, breathable and cushioned walking shoe can keep your feet pain-free. A good pair of walking shoes should absorb shock, feel stable and keep your feet sweat-free. So, elevate your walking experience with the best walking shoes for women and get rid of blisters and aching feet!

6 best walking shoes for women

Check out this list of the top walking shoes in India and pick the one that suits your needs:

1. Puma Womens Ultimate Ease WNS Walking Shoes

Enjoy a comfortable morning walk session by using Puma Women’s Ultimate WNS Walking Shoes. Crafted with fine technology, this pair of walking shoes for women have flat heels, lace-up closure types and rubber soles. The outer mesh material of these shoes makes them comfortable and breathable. The brand suggests cleaning these purple charcoal shoes with a clean dry cloth to improve their longevity.

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2. Reebok Women’s Stride Walker Walking Shoes

Reebok Women’s Stride Walker Walking Shoes may make you feel comfortable and light. Made using polyurethane, rubber and thermoplastic material, this pair of shoes can be a good addition to your collection. It comes with no heel and lace-up closure for a snug fit. So, say goodbye to aching feet as these Reebok walking shoes will help you walk freely without any pain.

3. Adidas Women Walkanew W Walking Shoe

Adidas Womens Walkanew W Walking Shoe is made using lightweight, flexible and breathable flat-knitted upper and EPM lining. The use of rubber and synthetic material in these shoes makes them durable, comfortable and sturdy. These leopard-printed shoes promise to provide a good covering and support while walking. The midsole of these shoes is designed using cloud foam technology to help you walk with comfort. It features thick lugs to provide cushioning and comfort.

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4. Bata Womens Aster Walking Shoes

Bata Women’s Aster Walking Shoes are made using textile material. They feature flat heels and pull-on closure types to help you feel comfortable while walking. The brand promises to help you feel comfortable and delighted after wearing their shoes. So, walk with comfort and style by wearing these Bata walking shoes.

5. Campus Women’s Annie Walking Shoes

Campus Women’s Annie Walking Shoes are designed to provide support and comfort while walking. They provide an impeccable fit, ensuring that your feet remain snug and secure. These shoes feature an anti-slip outsole design, which can provide a strong grip. The brand claims that these shoes for women can help you enjoy walking and running as they feature a memory foam insole to support your arch.

6. Red Tape Women’s Walking Shoes

Red Tape Women’s Walking Shoes promise to be great as they are well-cushioned and lightweight. The brand promises to enhance your comfort with the lace-up fastening. The mesh upper and EVA sole may provide traction with visible Air detailing. Pair these Red Tape women’s shoes with your favourite track pants and a T-shirt to look stylish and sporty while walking.

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How to choose the best walking shoes for women?

Things to remember while buying the best walking shoes:

  • Harvard Health Publishing suggests buying the best socks before the shoes as the thickness of the socks can affect the fit. Avoid buying 100 per cent cotton socks as they can get wet and increase the likelihood of blisters.
  • Pay attention to the feel type of the shoes. According to Harvard Health Publishing, shoes with bulky big heels should be avoided as they can make you more prone to tripping.
  • Check the arch support of the shoes and make sure that they are stable. Make sure to buy shoes that you cannot bend or twist easily.
  • Check the cushioning of the shoes and ensure that they have a uniform level of cushioning for comfort.
  • Pay attention to the fit of the shoes and the closure type. Make sure that the product fits well and has room for air.
  • Consider your budget while buying the best walking shoes. Fix your budget and then evaluate the features of the shoes. Choose the one that offers comfort, stability and durability in your budget.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Which type of shoes is best for walking?
    As per Harvard Health Publishing, appropriate walking shoes should have soft and flexible soles. They must feature angled heels to absorb shock and reduce pressure on the ankle.
  • What are the benefits of walking?
    Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience state that walking can help you get rid of physical and mental ailments. It can increase cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness. Walking benefits also includes reduced risk of heart disease, and stroke and improve the management of conditions like hypertension.

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