8 best gym exercise charts to pump up your workout session

Are you finding ways to improve your fitness session? Try the best gym exercise charts and enjoy an enriching workout routine.
gym exercise charts
Use the top gym exercise charts and improve your workout session. Image courtesy Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 12 Apr 2024, 10:03 pm IST
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With hectic schedules and overwhelming responsibilities, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While eating healthy and getting adequate sleep is non-negotiable, paying attention to workout is equally important to keep the body active. Taking help from fitness instructors is the best option for a safe workout, but you can also rely on exercise charts. These easily installable charts offer structured and clear guidance to help you work on your body. They allow you to structure your workout well, besides staying motivated and consistent with your workout regime. We have compiled a list of the best gym exercise charts that you must include in your home gym for better workout experience!

8 best gym exercise charts

The best gym exercise charts in India provide you a guideline to perform a wide range of exercises while eliminating the risk of injury. Here are the top picks:

1. QuickFit Resistance Bands and Resistant Loops Workout Posters

This workout poster for home gym by QuickFit can help you improve your exercise routine. It comes with a combo pack of two charts that focuses on resistance band and resistant loop exercises. These high-quality posters have three layers of durability, which helps you use them for years without fearing about tearing. It uses visual appeal technique to help you perform resistance training with ease and comfort. Following the instructions on this chart will help you work on your upper body, core, back and lower body.

2. Palace Learning Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster

The Palace Learning Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster helps you improve your muscle strength. This rectangular and laminated poster includes dumbbell exercises that help you perform rigorous muscle growth exercises. It offers visual instructions that help improve your overall strength, sculpt your muscles, enhance the range of motion and increase joint stability. Following the instructions given on this exercise chart for home workout will reduce the risk of injury while helping you work on your overall body.

3. Kettlebell Workout Exercise Poster

The Kettlebell Workout Exercise Poster features 12 kettlebell exercises, which helps strengthen your body. This workout chart comprises actual photos that offer accuracy and help you tone your body. It is especially designed by fitness experts and features step-by-step instructions. The chart promises to provide a safe and efficient workout routine while helping you perform foundational movements that include major muscle groups of your body.

4. Grand Basics Laminated Large Workout Poster Set

If you are looking for an exercise chart for weight loss, try this one from Grand Basics. Besides helping you with weight management, this poster set comes with exercise charts for a wide variety of exercises, including battle rope workout chart, barbell chart, aerobic step exercise poster, stretching suspension trainers, yoga wheel poses, yoga poses, muscle groups, kettlebell, resistance band exercises and more. This poster is perfect for home gyms as its eye-catching design will help you stay motivated and enjoy a safe workout session. It features 850 plus exercise ideas, which are easy to understand and incorporate into your workout regime. In addition, the colour-block titles and colour-coded designs of this chart makes it look clean and tidy.

5. QuickFit Exercise Workout Poster Set

The QuickFit Exercise Workout Poster Set comes with a pack of 10 exercise charts. These posters are made from high-quality material and feature three layers of durability. Including these tear-resistant and double-sided posters in your home gym will help you effectively work on your overall fitness. From dumbbell exercises, barbell workouts, bodyweight exercises to yoga poses, these posters ensure that you improve your health at the comfort of your home. The set also includes a muscular system poster that helps you understand the muscle groups of your body and effectively work on them.

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6. Vive Dumbbell Exercise Poster

The Vive Dumbbell Exercise Poster is perfect for those who want to sculpt their muscles and improve their fitness. It features a 40 illustrated workout that helps you effectively work on different muscle groups. This poster offers step-by-step instructions for dumbbell workouts to help you target your core, upper body, lower body and create your own workout plan.

7. Namaste Home Gym Posters

Namaste Home Gym Posters feature high quality printing. The elegant design and matte finish of this poster helps you use it easily for improving your fitness level. This workout chart features visual representations of several exercises like bench press, dumbbell fly, incline press, incline dumbbell press and more. It also provides steps that help you perform the exercises correctly, thus preventing the risk of injuries.

8. Sikhash Wall Sticker Posters

Sikhash Wall Sticker Posters are especially designed to bring creativity in your home gym. The vibrant colours not only enhance the look of your home gym but also become the focal point. This self-adhesive, peel and paste poster is easy to remove or re-use. It features visual representation of various exercises like bicep curls, preacher curls, hammer curls, cable curls and more. This poster also guides you about how many repetitions of each exercise you need to perform to achieve your fitness goals. The brand states that its product is laminated to make it durable, dustproof, tearproof and waterproof.

How to choose the right exercise gym charts at home?

  • Gym exercise charts feature pictures and diagrams to show proper form or technique of doing an exercise. They also include repetition or sets. So, carefully understand the diagram and follow the instructions for better results.
  • Look for charts that are especially categorised by beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. Pick the one that suits your current fitness level. It will help you perform targeted exercises as per your capacity.
  • Make sure the charts are made of high-quality paper and come with vibrant diagrams.
  • Ensure that the workout charts are laminated properly to make them tear-proof, water-proof and dust-proof.
  • Look for charts that are easy to paste, remove and reuse without damaging the walls of your home gym.

How to use gym charts?

  • Once you have selected the gym exercise chart that suits your needs, hang or paste it in your home gym.
  • Then start your routine by warming up for 5 to 10 minutes as it will prepare your muscles.
  • Now follow the chart. Perform each exercise, sets and reps are instructed by the chart.
  • Take rest when needed. Make sure to listen to your body and push yourself. It will help prevent the risk of injuries.

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What are the benefits of gym exercise charts?

Besides allowing you to perform rigorous exercises without taking any help from fitness instructors, it also helps you stay motivated. Some of its important benefits are:

  • Visual guidance: Gym exercise charts offer visual demonstrations of various exercises. It provides step-by-step instruction to help you perform each movement with proper techniques, which helps prevent injuries.
  • Comprehensive workout plans: These charts offer a wide variety of exercises. So, whether you want to manage your weight or target a specific muscle group, these posters will provide detailed and structured information to help you plan your workout session.
  • Convenience: You can simply hand these posters in your home gym and perform different exercises at your convenience.
  • Helps you stay motivated: Besides physical benefits, these posters serve as motivational tools that help you push your limits and achieve greater fitness goals.
  • Educational resources: Some of these posters come with additional charts that give you information about your muscle groups, anatomy and exercise principles.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What is a good gym workout schedule?

A study published in the Einstein (São Paulo) states that for enhancing muscle strength, make sure to perform resistance training twice or four times a week. A good workout routine must include cardiovascular exercises, core training, gentle yoga sessions and strength training. Apart from this, taking ample amount of rest is equally essential to prevent any risk of injuries and prepare your body for the next week.

  • How much should I exercise?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that an adult should engage in moderate-intensity exercises per week for at least 150 minutes along with two days of strength training.

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