Best earbuds under Rs 1000: 5 picks for a fuss-free workout experience

Want to enjoy your fitness session with some good music? Try the best earbuds under 1000 for an enriched workout experience.
best earbuds under 1000
Elevate your fitness experience with the best earbuds under 1000. Image courtesy: Pexels.
Tanya Shree Updated: 13 Feb 2024, 15:42 pm IST
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Do you also feel a sudden rush in your body when you listen to your favourite track? There’s a reason for that: Music boosts dopamine, which can give you a sense of well-being and pleasure. This leads to reducing the feeling of discomfort during exercise. If you also want to elevate your workout experience, try the best earbuds under 1000 to enjoy a great fitness session on a budget.

5 best earbuds under Rs 1000

Enrich your fitness experience by using the best earbuds in India during workout. They are especially designed to help you improve your fitness without feeling any discomfort:

1. pTron Bassbuds Nyx In-Ear TWS Earbuds

The pTron Bassbuds Nyx In-Ear TWS Earbuds features Bluetooth and stereo call quality. Its ergonomic design makes it super comfortable to use during a workout. These earbuds claim a 32-hour total playback time, which saves your time and effort to charge them continuously. Additionally, it also has a dedicated movie mode for entertainment and a touch sensor for precise control. With its water and sweat resistance feature, it is a good option for workout.

2. Mivi DuoPods A450

The Mivi DuoPods A450 have an AI environment noise cancellation feature. It offers crisp highs, great mid and clear lows. It can be played for up to 55 hours. Additionally, it claims 500 minutes of playtime in just 10 minutes of charging. These earbuds feature voice assistance, which helps you play your favourite track without any effort. Besides giving you a cool look, they provide comfort when used for longer duration.

3. Zimo Newly Launched Synch Plus In-Ear Earbuds

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds under 1000, these from Zimo might be the perfect choice for you! They are equipped with HD mic and AI environment noise cancellation features for calls. It is equipped with 13mm dynamic drivers, which enhances your listening experience. Additionally, it promises to help you enjoy a playback time of up to 35 hours. It is also compatible with Bluetooth for 1-step pairing, stable connection and auto reconnect. It is water resistant and offers touch sensors for controlling music and calls. In addition to its super cool look, these earbuds also come with a six months manufacturer warranty, which makes it a great addition to your running gadgets.

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4. LUMIFORD Max T75 Earbuds

The LUMIFORD Max T75 Earbuds comes with advanced Bluetooth for seamless connection. It promises a reliable connection, which helps you enjoy music during exercise without any disturbance. Additionally, these earpods have 13mm immersive bass drivers, which helps in delivering crystal-clear sound. With its extended playtime of up to 24 hours, these best earbuds under 1000 allows you to enjoy a prolonged workout session without feeling discomfort. Moreover, the presence of intuitive touch controls and AI environment noise cancellation features in these earbuds makes them an ideal companion for your daily use.

5. JBL C200SI Angled Earbuds

If you are someone who prefers wired earbuds over the wireless ones, these earbuds from JBL might be the one for you! This is definitely the best earbuds for exercise because it saves your time and effort of constant charging. Its angled fit allows you to enjoy your fitness session without feeling uncomfortable. With 3.5mm gold plating on the jack for improved lossless connectivity, these earbuds help you manage your music and calls without any hindrance.

How to pick the best earbuds under Rs 1000

Now that you have fixed your budget, next step is to consider the following points before buying the right earbuds for workout:

  • Consider the sound quality of the earbuds. Opt the one which offers balanced audio, crisp highs, deep lows and clear midranges.
  • Choose the one which is comfortable to wear for longer hours and suits your style.
  • Consider the battery life of the earbuds. Choose the one that can run for a longer duration on a single charge.
  • Connectivity is another important point to consider while buying earbuds. Make sure it supports the Bluetooth version of your smartphones or other devices for seamless connectivity.
  • Check if the earbuds support AI environment noise cancellation or not.
  • Read online reviews and recommendations as it will provide you with valuable insights about the product.

Is it good to workout with earbuds?

There are several benefits of using earbuds during workouts, such as:

  • Improves motivation and focus: Listening to your favourite music can help you maintain focus and practise challenging workouts with full motivation. Using earbuds can help you stay distracted from discomfort or fatigue, which makes it easier to stay committed to your workout regime.
  • Enhances performance: Using the right earbuds during workouts can help you improve your performance as listening to music can increase your endurance, strength and speed.
  • Contributes to mood enhancement: Music can influence your mood and emotions. It can help reduce stress and make your workout enjoyable
  • Creates a meditative-like state: Listening to your favourite melodious tracks through the right earbuds can create a meditative-like state that can help you get fully immersed in your workout.
  • Helps personalise your workout experience: Earbuds helps you personalise your workout experience by choosing the music of your choice.
  • Enhances privacy: Using earbuds during workouts can create a sense of isolation that allows you to stay focused and distracted from external disturbances.

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