Barre workout 101: Everything you need to know about this fitness trend

A barre workout is a combination of yoga, dance, and pilates. Here’s how it helps you reach your fitness goals.
barre workout
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Aayushi Gupta Updated: 12 Mar 2021, 13:38 pm IST
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For those who might not be aware of it, barre workout is a fitness program that combines yoga, dance, and pilates. This powerful combination can be quite intense and is designed to tone up your body. An average workout lasts for about 60 minutes and can prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to fitness.

What is the barre workout?

The barre workout moves rely on body weight for resistance. This workout is constituted by small deliberate movements and requires minimal equipment such as exercise balls, resistance bands, light dumbbells (1 to 5 pounds), and a mat.

The best part is that a barre workout is a hybrid workout session that targets different body parts all at the same time! It is a super energetic routine that is fun to perform and comes with some powerful results.

A typical barre workout session starts with common exercises such as planks, push-ups, lunges, and tricep dips. The routine is designed to strengthen multiple areas, including arms, core, legs, glutes, thighs, and the back.

Constituting isometric exercises, a barre workout might seem relatively easy but believe us, you’ll be feeling the burn towards the end of the session. You need to remember that the barre workout movements are pretty slow and steady in motion but extremely effective.

So, how exactly does a barre workout transform your physique?
Here’s how a barre workout will take you one step closer to your fitness goals:

1. Improves flexibility: It results in enhancing your body’s overall flexibility and agility.

2. Reduces stress: It can easily tackle stress as it includes meditation that enhances mindfulness and ultimately calms your brain.

3. Promotes better mental health: Yoga can improve mental health by reducing stress levels.

4. Improves endurance: The slow and steady movements improve your stamina and hence, your endurance levels also increase.

5. Aids weight loss: Burn the excess calories with a barre workout session.


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6. Beginner friendly: It includes small and easy movements. Hence, it’s perfect for those who are just starting out.

Ladies, a barre workout is extremely effective but also simple enough for those just starting out. It has its origin in dance and hence, can be extremely fun! So, make sure you give it a try soon.

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