Practice headstands or sirsasana regularly to enjoy these 7 amazing health benefits

Though headstands are one of the most difficult yoga asanas to master, making them a part of your fitness regime can be good for you. These 7 sirsasana benefits will explain why.
sirsasana benefits
Practice makes a person perfect, so start doing sirsasana now! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Updated: 17 Oct 2020, 09:11 am IST
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Headstand or sirsasana is rightfully called the king of asanas! This pose makes you marvel at a person’s flexibility and balance. After all, seeing someone balancing their entire body weight on their head is quite fascinating. But it isn’t as easy to do, and you cannot master this pose overnight. But once you do and practice it regularly, this pose can benefit your health in so many ways!

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into sirsasna benefits!

1. Strengthens your core

If you want to strengthen your core, a headstand can be one of the best workouts for you. When you perform this pose, you completely rely on your core muscles to hold up your legs, and maintain balance. So, try this pose regularly to flaunt a strong core.

2. Reduces the fluid buildup from legs

Swelling on your legs can happen because of several reasons such as infections, inflammation, or because you were putting pressure on your legs for far too long. So, by going upside down while doing a headstand, any kind of buildup gets flushed out from your body, and relieves you from that uncomfortable feeling.

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3. Strengthens shoulders and arms

While you are holding yourself up during a headstand, your arms and shoulders help to keep the pressure off from your head, and in turn, they get strengthened. This is also a great posture if you are looking to build upper body strength.

power yoga for weight loss
This year, try power yoga poses like sirsasana to strengthen your shoulders and arms. GIF courtesy: Giphy
4. Improves digestion

Doing headstands allows enhanced blood flow to all the digestive organs, and increases the efficiency of nutrient absorption and digestion. Moreover, the pituitary organ which regulates digestion is also stimulated. So, try combining headstands with focused breathing for an increased benefit!

5. Relieves stress

Headstand helps reduce the production of cortisol — the stress hormone. Moreover, with an increased blood flow to the brain, the production of dopamine and serotonin, which can help regulate your mood are also secreted.

6. Gives you healthy hair and scalp

With increased blood flowing to your head and scalp, the nutrient and oxygen flow to the hair follicles also increases. This gives your hair and scalp a healthy boost. So, try practising this pose for a healthy mane!

7. Benefits your eyesight

Just like how your scalp gets the benefit, when you flip over your head, eyes also receive extra oxygen and nutrient-rich blood, which helps the sensory organs to work properly.
However, make sure that if you are starting off with a headstand, it is best to always have an instructor with you for your own safety.


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