Is the pandemic urging you to work out? Here are 6 things to keep in mind

Trying your hand at home workouts or mulling going to the gym? Before you embark on your fitness journey, acquaint yourself with these 6 tips for beginners.
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Start your fitness journey on the right note with these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Paras Gupta Published: 31 Aug 2020, 05:48 pm IST
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The current pandemic had made it very clear how important it is to be fit and maintain your health. Even those who’ve avoided working out because of their hectic schedules have understood the importance of exercising.

While the entire world was fighting against a virus, people realized that only being fit and healthy would save them. After all, staying active helps you to maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, reduces heart disease, and some cancers, improves respiratory, cardiovascular health while also increasing overall health.

So if this pandemic has urged you to start working out, then congratulations! It’s better late than never. However, if this is your first attempt at getting fit, then please bear in mind—fitness is a lifestyle. And it has a few fundamentals every beginner must follow to achieve his or her fitness goals:

1. Be consistent: Our body responds to consistency over time. Being consistent will help you to achieve your fitness goals much faster and get into the groove.

2. Be motivated: That Netflix show might divert your mind and make you skip your workout more often. But make sure you are always motivated to do your exercises every day. Set a goal and work hard towards achieving it.

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Just a little bit of motivation can go a long way when it comes to attaining your fitness goals. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Be patient: Getting the body of your dreams might take a little more time than you think. So you must have patience and work hard towards achieving your fitness goals.

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4. Assess your limitations: Don’t overdo it right away. Be aware of your health and wellbeing and understand your boundaries and weaknesses. Only then will you be able to embark on a doable exercise regimen, slowly and steadily working your way to tougher challenges.

5. Set realistic goals: You need to be honest with yourself while setting your goals. Is this achievable, keeping in mind the time I can allocate for my workouts? Settings goals that are difficult or impossible to achieve will demotivate you even further and increase your frustration level.

Make sure you are setting realistic goals that are easy for you to attain. You can consult a fitness trainer for deciding your goals and the routine you need to follow to achieve them.


Keep an idea of your risk of weight-related issues.

Check BMI
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6. Be accountable: Being accountable to someone can help us to stay on the right track. Share your goals with your friends, family, or trainer, and keep them updated on your results. Keeping a record of our workouts and caloric intake will help us to monitor our progress.

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