6 things to keep in mind before hitting the gym during the pandemic

Gyms might be opening up but the covid-19 pandemic still persists. Here are 6 precautions that can help you stay safe if you working out in a gym is on your mind.
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Paras Gupta Updated: 24 Aug 2020, 10:52 am IST
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It’s no surprise that the covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown had led to the shutdown of gyms across the globe. Fitness freaks were confined inside their homes for month, resorting to home workouts to maintain their routine. But now, to the contentment of many, gyms have reopened in several parts of India.

If you are a fitness enthusiast thinking of lifting the dumb-bells again, then stop right here. We have laid down a list of measures and precautions, bearing in mind the alarming state of the pandemic in India. We want you to hit the gym, albeit with precautions.

So consider these six things before heading back to the gym:

1. Evaluate your health
If you are feeling unwell or fatigued, avoid going to the gym. Since the chances of you getting infected in such confined places are higher, you might want to stay at home if you are not feeling upto the mark.

2. Sharing is not caring
Brace yourself for the new normal and avoid sharing your equipment with others. Make sure you sanitise the treadmill, dumb-bells, and cycling machines after every single use. Avoid using foam rollers and exercise balls.

3. Carry your own supplies
Carry your water bottles, yoga mats, masks, sanitisers, and disinfectant wipes before leaving for the gym. Carrying your own gear and using them effectively will mitigate the risk of cross-contamination. Avoid wearing a mask while working out as it can increase your heart rate and make it difficult for you to breathe.

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4. Practice social distancing
Maintaining a distance of at least six feet apart from others is the need of the hour. The pandemic is still lurking around, hence you must do everything to minimise your risk of getting infected.

5. Avoid rush hours
Call ahead before going to the gym and access all the information about the opening and the closing hours. Avoid peak hours to alleviate risk. Make sure that your gym has taken all the necessary steps like creating markings to ensure distance and is taking body temperature before admission.

6. Avoid heavy workouts
Since you are heading back to the gym after a very long break, make sure you start with light exercises.

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The post-pandemic world calls for all these measures. Take your decision wisely and decide whether you are fit for a home fitness routine or a sweaty gym session.


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