6 health benefits of yoga every beginner must know

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, incorporating yoga in your life can be beneficial to you in the long term. 
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Yoga benefits extend from your body to your mind! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Meenakshi Mohanty Published: 22 Jun 2022, 10:00 am IST
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Considering how the pandemic has affected many lives and put enormous pressure on both our physical and mental well-being, there is a change in perspective for most people about the mind-body connection. Hence, amidst the chaotic life that we live, yoga has gained a lot of importance and acceptance. It can help to relax the mind and provide a retreat from the chaos of our daily routine.

So, what exactly are the benefits of yoga? Well, it promotes mindfulness, helps to de-stress, allows sleep better and boosts one’s mental well-being. In terms of physical benefits, it aids in improving balance, strength, and flexibility.

However, there are yoga benefits that extend beyond the mat into our daily lives:

1. Cardiovascular benefits

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Yoga can benefit your mind, body and soul. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

One of the most important benefits of yoga is helping combat cardiovascular issues in patients suffering with heart problems. Regular practice of yoga helps in lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow and improving heart rate. It is a boon for a healthy heart, as it helps to decrease the risk of heart attack and strokes.

2. Increases flexibility and strengthens muscles

Muscle strength and flexibility is key for one’s physical health and regular practice of yoga can help build muscle strength and increase flexibility. While doing the various asanas, you have to stay in the posture for several minutes, thereby flexing your muscles and holding up your own body weight. While you will find it difficult to hold certain poses initially as you need strength, however with time, you will notice an improvement in your overall fitness level.

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3. De-stressing

We live a stressful and chaotic life and the pandemic has only aggravated the levels further. Our bodies produce stress hormones which cause headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, among other problems. A regular practice of yoga can help you manage stress by teaching you to breathe deeply, relax, and focus on the present moment. It also shows us to control our thoughts and emotions.

4. Encourages better sleep

Owing to the stress in our daily lives, it becomes critical to get a good night’s sleep, however, achieving sleep these days might be a little difficult for some. Try incorporating yoga in your daily workout routine as it will help to reduce stress and decrease tiredness.

morning yoga for energy
Follow a morning yoga routine to feel the energy you need! Image courtesy: Shuttterstock

5. Helps to ease pains in the body

If you are suffering with body pains such as back aches or arthritis, practicing yoga can help ease the pain in your body. It helps you become more overall active.

6. Helps prevent injuries

Whether it’s through sports, accidents or just everyday activities, injuries are part of our daily lives. Regular practicing of yoga can help in preventing injuries because the stretching and strengthening of the muscles helps in preventing injuries caused due to overexertion. Yoga also involves relaxation techniques, which teaches you to release tension and give your muscles time to heal naturally. By combining all these elements of yoga, you can reduce the chances of getting injured.

To say the least, once you witness the benefits of yoga beyond the mat, you will be inclined to make yoga part of your regular routine.


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