5 times when Katrina Kaif gave us serious fitspo

Amid the buzz around the Vicky Kaushal- Katrina Kaif wedding, we bring to you certain fitness moves by Katrina that will inspire you to keep in shape for the ‘shaadi’ season too!
Katrina kaif
It’s time to get inspired by Kat. Image courtesy: Image courtesy: Instagram | Katrina Kaif
Geetika Sachdev Published: 7 Dec 2021, 17:25 pm IST
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The Vicky Kaushal – Katrina Kaif wedding is the flavour of the season, and we can’t wait to have all the deets! But if there’s one thing we can vouch for from Katrina’s public appearances (hello, paparazzi), it is that she looks oh-so-fit. We have been seeing her doing rounds of the gym even recently, and well, let’s just say this beauty always gives us major fitness goals! 

From Pilates to kickboxing, Katrina has done it all. So, let’s not wait any further and get to it! 

1. Home workouts

We all know that the pandemic has forced us to be super cautious! With the Omicron variant in the news now, we are now trying to avoid public places aain, but why should your workouts suffer? Take cue from Katrina’s routine with her Pilates instructor Yasmin Karachiwala that includes squats, reverse lunges, situps, pushups, and mountain climbers. 

2. Pumping it up in the gym

Whether it’s lifting weights or stretching it out, Katrina makes sure every minute spent in the gym is worth it! The video below shows how seriously she takes her workouts. Don’t tell us that it didn’t make you super motivated, because we are already looking for our shoes!

Actress Kriti Sanon had once revealed that Katrina works out for two hours every day. “Katrina Kaif is hugely inspiring—I’ve seen her workout, she works out for two hours every day. You feel like you’re working out less when you work out with her,” she told a media outlet. 


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3. Kick it hard

Her next movie, Maneesh Sharma’s Tiger 3, requires her to pull off some risky action sequences, and Kat has been preparing for it under the guidance of her instructor, Kuldeep Shashi. From kicks to punches, the diva has left no stone unturned to ensure everything is on track! Well, let’s just say kickboxing is also the secret to her fitness!

It is a full-body workout and engages all your muscles. Plus, it releases endorphins, and uplifts your mood. What’s more, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour! So, get set to tone your entire body and strengthen your core! 


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4. The ‘secret’ to a flat stomach

Don’t we all want those washboard abs and a super flat stomach? Well, if you want it just like Katrina’s, you really need to work hard. From squats to crunches, to using kettlebells for her moves, she does it all. Trust her to make her workouts as challenging as possible!

Here’s a routine that will give you a glimpse of that:


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5. Quadriceps all the way

Those perfectly chiseled quadriceps seem like a far-fetched dream, but not when you try out this routine for quadriceps and calves, suggested by Katrina. Do include it in your leg day plan to see a difference!


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