5 times Sushmita Sen made our jaws drop with her intense workouts

Sushmita Sen never ceases to impress when it comes to her workouts and that’s why she is the ultimate fit girl. And what she is doing on her Insta nowadays is just crazy!
Sushmita Sen fitness secret
Let Sushs moves do the talking.
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 29 Jul 2020, 10:38 am IST
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Fitness is not only about looking good, it’s also about your mind. The perseverance, discipline, and endurance you need to stay fit all comes from your mental strength. And Sushmita Sen is the epitome of this philosophy. 

Umpteen times this Bollywood diva has proven that the kind of agility she has is no joke and it takes a whole lot to do what she does. If you follow her on Instagram, then it’s a treat to watch her workout feeds. But if somehow you have been living under a rock and have missed out on the regular dose of #fitspo that Sushmita offers, then we have got you covered. 

Here are five posts from Sushmita Sen’s Instagram that will make you go: “Ohhhh myyy sushhh!”

1. When she tried this very advanced yoga pose
When recently, Sushmita posted a picture of herself doing a yoga pose, her followers went bonkers. And why not, this pose is damn difficult to nail and it just goes on to prove how strong the former Miss Universe is. FYI, this pose is called padangushthasana aka the toe stand. This pose is recommended as a post-run stretch.

2. When she nailed this super-hard pose
If you hate doing stretches then just learn to pull off this movement and you will be sorted. From downward dog position to a wave and then in cobra pose. This single move is a head-to-toe workout. Plus, it will also help you in improving your posture.



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This #voice ? #vibes #waves #workinprogress ??”breaking inertia & learning to flow” #passionatelyyours #yourstruly ? I love you guys!!! A poem by Akua Naru ?

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3. When she did a headstand on gymnastic rings
This one is a mind boggler. It takes a long time to master a headstand, but hats off to Sushmita for taking it a notch higher and doing it on gymnastic rings. Mind you peeps if you don’t have strong arms, grip, and core then this one is a hard nut to crack.

4. When she aced push-ups on gymnastic rings
Push-ups are a full blown workout. If you do push-ups on a daily basis then you will have great upper body strength. But if you do push-ups like Sushmita, mid-air with the aid of gymnastic rings, you will be invincible.

5. When she won us over with single-leg squats using a resistance band
Resistance bands are our best buds during this lockdown situation. And if you go by Sushmita’s fitness regime then doing pull-ups and single legged squats using these resistance bands can help you big time. FYI, these two exercises are a powerhouse for your back and legs.

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