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5 times Mandira Bedi inspired us to hit the gym and get in shape

Published on:8 February 2021, 17:56pm IST
Mandira Bedi has managed to stay fit only because she is dedicated to her workout routine and never misses a day!
Grace Bains
Mandira Bedi proves that you gotta keep working out to stay in shape! Image courtesy: Facebook/Mandira Bedi

Even if you’re not exactly an ardent cricket fan and haven’t regularly watched any matches, odds are that you will still know who Mandira Bedi is. How can we forget the gorgeous lady hosting so many of the cricket matches, leaving us in awe of her wit as well as her saree selection?

Over the years, there’s something else we’ve been impressed with and that’s Mandira’s fitness! She has managed to keep herself healthy and her body toned. The mommy-of-two often takes to social media to share tidbits of her workouts and her dedication to keeping herself in shape is absolutely commendable. More than anything, we really appreciate how her workouts are simple yet effective. From squats to sprinting, the lady can workout just about anywhere!

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Here are 5 posts from Mandira Bedi’s feed that are absolutely motivating and might help you get back to your workout routine:

1. When she did 1000 squats!

Most of us might struggle to even do a 50 but Mandira really pushes herself and sets challenges where she’s doing at least a 1000 squats! Only a person who has been working out regularly can pull this off and clearly, Mandira is all about regularity when it comes to keeping herself fit.


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A post shared by Mandira Bedi (@mandirabedi)

2. No break Sundays

For Mandira, there are no breaks even on Sundays. She shared this video of herself, revealing to her fans that she can finally call her Sunday ‘zabardast’ after wind sprinting and inversion poses!


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A post shared by Mandira Bedi (@mandirabedi)

3. Workout = fun

Workouts don’t always have to be tough and repetitive. Take a cue from Mandira who is adding some fun to her exercise routine by incorporating a trampoline. If you notice, she isn’t just jumping but also performing some effective exercises up there!


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A post shared by Mandira Bedi (@mandirabedi)

4. Mommy-son workouts

Mommy Mandira doesn’t even let her kiddos rest! It is so important for children to realize the value of physical exercise at a young age and here, you can see Mandira working out with her son Vir who makes for quite a cooperative workout buddy.


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5. The secret behind her toned physique

The lady is super strong! With this post, Mandira made it clear that her toned body is a result of being dedicated to her fitness regime. Now, that’s the kind of flex we’re impressed by!


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A post shared by Mandira Bedi (@mandirabedi)

So, ladies, ready to make sure you’re regularly working out just like Mandira?


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