5 rookie mistakes you might be making while lifting those dumb-bells in your gym

Lifting weight is not a biggie but technique matters a lot. Most of us ignore these simple things and end up getting an injury.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 24 Jan 2020, 19:00 pm IST
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This one is dedicated to all gym freaks out there. We know that your gym routine is the gospel truth for you. From following your favourite fitness influencer and adapting their muscling-up techniques–you do it all to get the muscle mass of your dream. 

But just following the best fitterati in town doesn’t mean that it is your sure-shot key to strength training as a lot of things matter. Usually, people end up making the silliest mistakes by copying them–especially, when it comes to lifting weights.

This is another reason why after weight training you tend to get stiffness, muscle pain, and injuries

Don’t believe us? Then read this: A study published in the journal Injury Epidemiology suggests that awkward landing while weight lifting and other wrong techniques are the main culprits behind muscle injury.  

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But fikar not ladies, we won’t let your fitness regime go for a toss. Here, we are unboxing five most common mistakes that you might be making while lifting those dumb-bells.

1. You are moving them the wrong way 
Movement matters when you lift those dumb-bells, period! When lifting weights, it is very important to move the body part involved in the right fashion. Your speed should be apt, with proper contraction and relaxation. If not, you could be poised for a world of pain.

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2. You are not the choosing the right weight 
We know you want to gain muscle, but lifting more than your capacity and strength won’t help you. In fact, you will only end up getting an injury. How’s that? Choosing the wrong weight means wrong movement and high chances of pulling a muscle.

3. You are doing far too many reps, far too quickly
Don’t go for a weight lifting sprint. Going fast with a light weight is fine but hey–remember what we just told you about the importance of movement? Cram it so you won’t forget.

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Better dumbbell lifting techniques will fetch you better results. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

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4. Wrong posture while weight lifting is another big mistake
Letting your core lose, hunched back, and not focusing on your muscles while exercising is something we all have done. But unfortunately, that’s another reason you might not be gaining any muscle. Maintaining a proper posture is a must–irrespective of the body part you are focussing on.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that a proper movement while exercising can actually help you improve your posture as well, claims a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science.

5. Ignoring wrist exercises before lifting dumb-bells is just as sinister
We can assure you that most of you tend to forget this simple yet extremely important thing. Just like warm-up makes your entire body ready for weight and cardio training similarly, wrist exercises make your palms and wrist ready to take that load. All you need to do is fetch the lightest dumb-bell around and rotate it clock and anti-clockwise. That’s it.

And a study published in a journal Sports Medicines suggests that stretching and warm-ups are one of the most prominent ways to prevent muscular injuries. That’s why professional athletes and trainers do and suggest it as a mandate.

We hope now you have learnt your lesson and you won’t commit these mistakes again when you hit the gym for weight training. Trust us, these rookie mistakes at times can cost you way more than what you could ever imagine. So, stay safe.

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