7 yoga poses for muscle gain that are way better than lifting weights

It’s time to drop those dumb-bells these yoga asanas can help you gain muscle in a holistic way.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 10 Feb 2020, 18:50 pm IST
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Want to muscle up but wahi purana gym routine has become boring? Are you willing to try something new? If you are inclined to say haan bhai haan then it’s time to give heavy weights and grunting a break as yoga can also come to your rescue. 

Yes, yoga can help you gain some muscle too. Just 12 weeks of yoga is enough to make you gain muscle, bring flexibility, and improve your cardiovascular health says a study published in a journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Wondering how a no weight-lifting regimen can help you muscle up?
Until and unless you want to go the Arnold Schwarzenegger way, you don’t dumb-bells to help you build muscle. Your body weight will suffice as your muscles respond to contraction and relaxation–which also happens in yoga. 

The study also threw light on how hatha yoga focuses on your entire body. From your chest, arms, and core to your glutes and legs–it ignites each and every muscle. 

Here we present seven yoga poses as suggested by Health Shots yoga expert Swati Kain that can help you gain muscle in no time:

1. Tree pose
Also known as vrksasana, it focuses on your core, glutes, thighs, legs, back, arms, and shoulder. If you do the tree pose on a regular basis then it will not only help you in toning your muscles, but will also help in improving your balance and posture.

The best part? The tree pose is also a great way to warm up before hitting the gym. Did you know that Shilpa Shetty is also supposedly in love with this asana?

2. Warrior pose
Inner thighs and underarm flab are legit problems. It’s really hard to get rid of those jiggly arms. But the warrior pose can help you out. Doing this pose on a regular basis can also give you a toned butt. And FYI, our very own drop-dead gorgeous, Deepika Padukone performs this asana to stay in shape.

yoga for beginners
Yes, you can do a warrior pose. No matter how stiff your body might be. Image courtesy: Swati Kain

3. Horse pose
Who doesn’t want washboard abs and hot legs–just like Malaika Arora. If you do too then don’t give this pose a miss. Horse pose is known to activate your core muscle plus it’s a great way to tone your inner thighs.


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However, holding this pose is the key. In fact, this pose is so good for your quads that giving a skip to those dreadful leg days at the gym for a week or two won’t harm you in any which way–as this pose will keep the strength in your legs intact.

4. Boat pose
This pose will help you tone from head to toe. It focuses on abdominal, hamstring, lower back, glute, and calf muscles. Do this regularly and you will notice muscle gain all over. The longer you hold this pose, the more results it will fetch you.

yoga for digestion
Paripurna navasana or the boat pose focuses on abdominal muscles and aids digestion too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Side plank
If you have been vying those washboard abs for a while now and doing plain-old crunches to make it happen, then clearly you do not know the benefits that the side plank can offer you.

Side plank to curl those love-handles.

Such is the might of the side plank that a German study published in the journal Sportverletz Sportschaden suggests that it activates the core, tricep, and bicep muscles.

6. Upward plank pose
You can’t turn away from this yoga pose if you want a body which is sexy AF. A well-rounded pose, it works on almost every muscle in your body.

7. Suryanamaskar
Say hello to the king of all yoga poses. A series of asanas, it is one of the most appreciated and performed yoga poses ever. Celebs like Kareena Kapoor Khan give credit to suryanamaskar for their toned body.

So quit waiting in line to do bench presses and such at the gym. Rather, give these poses a try.

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