Wild thing asana: Here’s why you NEED to know about this yoga pose

Wild thing yoga pose engages your entire body, improving flexibility and strength.
Wild Thing Yoga Pose
The wild thing yoga pose can go a long way in building strength. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Updated: 17 Jun 2021, 11:23 am IST
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Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice that integrates body and mind towards a state of oneness with our surroundings. This practice can be taken up regardless of one’s age or weight. What’s more, it can be performed with minimal precautions with regards to limitations imposed by medical history.

Yoga helps strengthen muscles, detoxify the body and release tension. Although there are various yoga poses that you can try, the wild thing yoga pose is an asana that you should consider if you are looking to enhance your overall body strength and improve blood circulation.

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Yoga helps strengthen muscles, detoxify the body and release tension. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What is the wild thing yoga pose?

Wild thing yoga pose is a back-bend variant of yoga poses. It is great for improving flexibility and strength. It opens up the chest, lungs, thighs and shoulder muscles and builds upper back strength.

Here’s how to do the wild thing yoga pose

Step 1: Start in a seated position with one leg straight and the other one bent with the foot on the floor. Now, place the hand of the straight-leg side on the ground behind you.

Step 2: Rotate the hand on the ground outwardly, which will as a reflex outwardly rotate your arm.

Step 3: Bend the elbow slightly and lift your shoulder up towards your ear and then bring it back. Then, outwardly rotate your upper and straighten it.

Step 4: Lift your hips and push the inner edge of your straight leg into the ground so that you can lift your hip even further up.

Step 5: Lift your chest up and maintain your balance. Bring the hand of the bent-leg side behind your head and bring the elbow closer to you so that it faces upwards.

Step 6: Push the back of your head against the hand. This will support you in engaging your back muscles.

Step 7: Straighten the arm and bring both shoulders towards your ear. Now, outwardly rotate this arm while you touch the ground.


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Step 8: Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths and then return to the starting position and repeat the pose for the other side.

wild thing yoga pose
The wild thing pose is great for improving flexibility and strength.
Benefits of the wild thing yoga pose

This pose will help its practitioners improve and maintain their health of muscles, joints, and organs. It is great for flexibility, strength, stamina and mobility and keeps the mind relaxed and focused.

Just like other backbends, the wild thing pose stretches the entire front body. Opening up the chest and shoulder area and, thus boosting the performance of your lungs.

It helps strengthen the shoulders and the upper back and improves the spine’s flexibility. This pose can also enhance your arms and wrists strength.

The wild thing yoga pose opens the front of the legs and the hip flexors, thereby energizing the body and promoting blood circulation.

Remember to take this pose slowly and carefully because you must understand the correct alignment and posture to avoid injuries. So, ladies, roll out that yoga mat and try this powerful pose!

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