Reverse kegel is not just an exercise routine but a neat trick to spice up your sex life

Working out your pelvic region will not just increase flexibility, but at the same time, ensure you have a great sex life. Here’s all you need to know about reverse kegels.
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Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor and tighten your vagina. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 13 Oct 2021, 14:44 pm IST
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Most of us make conscious efforts to work out our bodies, but how many times do we pay attention to the pelvic region? Hardly, right? That’s exactly where kegels step into the picture. Although you may have heard this name, did you know there’s also something called reverse kegels? Yes, they are nothing but simple stretching exercises that relax your pelvic floor. The traditional ones are more focused on contracting and releasing the pelvic region. 

What are some of the benefits of reverse kegels?

Both kinds of kegel exercises help to spice up your sex life. That’s because it is believed that they increase your libido, which in turn, means amazing orgasms. On the other hand, reverse kegels are particularly helpful in cases of women who are suffering from dyspareunia, a condition marked by painful sex. They could also help women during childbirth. All in all, reverse kegels help to increase strength, stamina, and flexibility. 

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Anyone can do Kegel exercises. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

You might be surprised to know but these exercises could also help in relieving muscular imbalance and constipation. 

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How to find the right muscles

You can only perform these exercises well, if you find the correct muscles. Remember that you must empty your bladder and bowels, before you start. This will help you be at ease. Once done, focus on releasing these muscles, while you inhale. When you do that, your diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles should lower.

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The easiest way to find these muscles is by stopping your urine mid-flow. You can also try and insert a clean finger inside your vagina, while sitting, standing or lying down. Once that happens, tighten your vaginal muscles around your finger. 

How to do a reverse kegel

1. You can do these exercises in a comfortable position, while standing, sitting, or even lying down.
2. Breathe deeply and bring your attention to your pelvic floor. Let your muscles relax.
3. You should be able to hold the exercise for five seconds, and then release it for the same amount of time.
4. Do two to three sets of 10 throughout the day.
5. Make sure you breathe while doing these exercises.

reverse kegel
Get your sex life back on track with reverse kegel. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Precautions to take

1. Never ever do these exercises on a full bladder.
2. Do not overdo these exercises, especially in the beginning.
3. Breathe properly and hold your breath to create more tension.
4. Don’t do these exercises if it is causing pain or discomfort.


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