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Watch Mira Rajput acing this tough calisthenic workout in her backyard

Published on:23 May 2021, 09:00am IST
Mira Rajput’s posts serve as the best fitness inspiration for the weekend. She recently took to Instagram to share a video of her performing hanging frog raises—and boy, she has killed it and how!
Aayushi Gupta
Mira Rajput workout
Mira Rajput raises the fitness bar. Image courtesy: Mira Rajput/Instagram
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Keeping oneself motivated to stay fit requires a whole lot of dedication, and not to get inspiration. For the latter, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Yes ladies, we are talking about Mira Rajput’s latest post on Instagram. This beauty also makes it a point to give us a sneak peek into her life through her workout sessions, beauty secrets, vacations and so much more. We totally love that about her! 

In fact, in no time has Mira created her own fan base, and rightly so. Recently, she took Instagram to share a snippet from her workout session, where she has turned her backyard into an outdoor gym.

Mira’s latest fitness video shows her performing a rigorous workout routine under a mango tree. Dressed in a grey halter neck sports bra and black yoga pants, she can be seen performing a core workout to strengthen her abs. Moreover, she can be seen using cross-training rings and a resistance band. We love how she has effortlessly performed ‘hanging frog raises’ nine times. 

Here’s what she wrote in the post, “Engaged. On the rings Tried something new #noexcuses“. Check out her Instagram post here:


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A post shared by Mira Rajput Kapoor (@mira.kapoor)

Here’s all you need to know about the hanging frog raise

The hanging frog raise is an exercise for hip flexors, and works on the entire midsection of your body; majorly abs, thighs, and arms. It is done to increase the muscular development of the abdominal muscles, strengthen the core, and to increase the overall strength of the body. Plus, hanging from a bar strengthens your grip and forces you to balance and stabilize throughout the movement.

Here’s how you can perform it:
  • Grasp a pull-up bar (or cross-training rings as just as Mira) with your hands shoulder-width apart. 
  • Engage your abdominal muscles and bring your feet together.
  • Just lift your knee up as high as you can, keeping your feet together. 
  • Slowly bring your legs back down and then go back up again. 
  • Breathe out when your legs go up, and breathe in when your legs go down.
  • Do 10 reps in a set or as many as you can manage.
  • Keep your legs together.
  • Work full range of motion.
  • Try to maintain balance and control throughout the movement.
  • Avoid swinging or swaying.

So ladies, raise your fitness bar by performing this workout.

Aayushi Gupta Aayushi Gupta

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