Watch Malaika Arora master this difficult yoga asana that can guarantee a toned belly

This time Malaika Arora’s move of the week is dedicated to your core and legs. Watch as she nails the side plank or utthita vasisthasana.
Malaika Arora
Side plank is Malaika’s secret for a ripped belly. Image courtesy: Malaika AroraFacebook
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 1 Feb 2021, 17:35 pm IST
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Why take the pain of attending a yoga class when every week Malaika Arora holds a session with her bodilicious move of the week. All you have to do is just follow her on Instagram and practice the asana suggested by this dusky goddess. This time she is helping you tone your belly with the side plank or utthita vasisthasana.

Hey, but don’t make the mistake of taking this pose too lightly because it might look simple but it is the ultimate test of your stamina and endurance. The best part is that utthita vasisthasana is not just going to work on your core but on your arms and legs as well. And Ms Arora is a testament for it.

In her post she writes:

“Utthita Vasisthasana is a pose that helps with strengthening the arms, wrists, naval area and legs. It is a great balancing asana in modern yoga. Hence, it improves sense of balance as well as focus.”


So follow these steps to ace the side plank

1. To start with, you have to come in a plank pose, pressing your arms firmly against the ground with your shoulders aligned over your wrists.
2. Now keep your core muscles and legs engaged, and roll both your heels to the right.
3. Stack your left foot on top of the right then lift your left leg off the floor.
4. Press down through the right hand and raise your left hand. Keep your lower belly engaged and your tailbone long.
5. Look up to your hand or in front.
6. Hold the pose for 5 deep breaths.

Told you ladies, it’s not that easy. Now repeat this pose on the other side. You can repeat this yoga pose five times on each side to reap its benefits. 


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Here are some tips for the beginners who are trying side plank for the first time

1. Before doing a side plank, ensure that you do some side stretching so that you don’t strain your core.
2. Stretch your arms because your body weight will be rested on them.
3. Don’t forget to do wrist rolls.
4. Keep your core tight so that you can hold the pose longer.
5. Malaika has also lifted one of her legs in the post but you can avoid doing that if you are doing this pose for the first time.
6. If you feel the strain in your back then avoid doing this pose.

So what say, are you ready to try a side plank Malaika’s style?

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