Want to know Mandira Bedi’s fitness secret? She does 10 handstands a day!

Mandira Bedi is a known fitness freak and recently took to Instagram to share how handstands are a part of her daily routine.
Mandira Bedi handstand
Is there anything that Mandira Bedi can't do? Image courtesy: Mandira Bedi/Instagram
Grace Bains Published: 20 May 2021, 01:31 pm IST
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Mandira Bedi is known to don many hats. From Bollywood actor, fashion icon, and cricket broadcaster to fitness enthusiast—she has left her mark in every field. In fact, when it comes to fitness, she regularly posts snippets from her workout sessions to inspire her admirers and followers.

Recently, she took to Instagram to share a video where she can be seen in a black sports bra doing 10 handstands in a row!

The caption says: “My #10aday !! A part of my routine everyday. Sometimes 10, sometimes 20. And some day I will do a nice long one. With no wall. But no hurry. No pressure ! ???

Oh and I sped these up, only so as not to get into #igtv ? #handstand #karmkarophalkichintamatkaro”

Check out the post here:

Mandira Bedi often takes to Instagram to showcase her fitness prowess in the form of exercises such as planks, backbends and handstands. In this post, she does 10 handstands in a row and claims she goes up to 20 sometimes! Wondering how exactly a handstand keeps Mandira fit and healthy?

The benefits of handstands

You see, a handstand is a form of bodyweight inversion exercise that offers a variety of benefits to its practitioners. Bodyweight exercises, especially those that involve inversion, are gaining popularity because they are challenging and help develop flexibility, balance and muscle strength. Not only does regularly practising handstands tone up your body but can also improve your overall workout productivity and posture. So, no wonder Mandira swears by it!

Here’s how you can perform a handstand

Step 1: Take the support of a wall


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Step 2: Get onto your knees and hands

Step 3: Bring yourself closer to the wall with your face in the opposite direction

Step 4: Slowly start crawling back on the wall and ensure that your body forms a straight line

The benefits of a handstand

This move has multiple benefits:

  • It helps reverse the blood supply which leads to blood purification
  • Overall concentration and focus increase after performing this pose
  • It improves balance and muscular strength
  • It helps relax the nervous system
  • Your immunity gets a boost with this pose and so does your bowel movement

You do, however, need to keep in mind that this is an advanced move. It is best to perform it under the supervision of a fitness expert to avoid injuries.

So, check out Mandira Bedi’s post and try this exercise. While it can provide many benefits, remember to be safe while performing it and do it under supervision. Also, people suffering from brain injuries, spinal ailments and high blood pressure should not attempt this pose as it may further aggravate their condition.

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