Try these squats with a twist recommended by celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit

These challenging squat variations by celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit can help you tone your lower body like no other.
Namrata Purohit Squats
Namrata Purohit recommends adding these squat variations to your workout routine. Image Courtesy: Namrata Purohit| Instagram
Grace Bains Updated: 17 Jun 2021, 02:34 pm IST
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Covid-19 has made it difficult for most of us to hit the gym. We’ve been missing out on that intense workout that will help sculpt and build muscular strength. Although home workouts have their limitations, one person who can help you overcome them is celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit!

Namrata, who has trained the likes of Sara Ali Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor, often takes to her social media account to share fitness tips. Recently, she posted a video on Instagram showing her followers how to do different variations of squats.

She said, “I know a lot of people who love to squat! But there isn’t just one kind.. there are so many variations and possibilities.”

Check out her post here:

Namrata Purohit’s squat workout

Namrata, over the course of her video, is seen doing 5 different variations of squats with Selena Gomez’s Fetish (feat. Gucci Mane) playing as background music.

She performed the following versions of squats that will challenge your balance, fire up the entire body, engage the core and tone the arms as well:

1. Squat with arms (10 to 20 reps)


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She starts by standing with her feet shoulder-width apart, placing her arms by her side. She then extends her arms towards the air, while she pushes her hips back, keeping the core engaged. She then paused and in the squat position and then goes snack to the starting position to repeat the movement.

2. Squat pulses (20 reps)

Taking a wide stance aligned with her shoulders, back straight, she keeps her arms extended towards the air similar to the squat with arms movement. She then takes a stance as if she is sitting on a chair, descending and taking her hips below the knees and then raising the hips slightly above the knees. Keeping the shoulders engaged and glutes firing throughout, she repeated the movement.

3. Squat with balance (20 reps)

Namrata starts with her feet shoulder-width apart and arms by her side. She then extends her arms towards the air and pushes her hips back, keeping the core engaged. While coming back to the starting position, she takes her left knee towards her chest and then repeats the movement with the right leg.

Namrata Purohit squat variation
According to Namrata, these squats will ‘challenge your balance.’

4. Squat with twist balance (20 reps)

Similar to the squat with balance movement, Namrata adds a variation by extending her arms parallel to the ground while twisting towards the right side when bringing her right knee up and repeats the twisting action for the left knee as well.

5. Squat with arms jump (20 reps)

She ends the session with a variation to the squat with arms exercise. While extending her arms in the air and pushing her hips back, Namrata thrusts slightly and jumps in the air, landing back on her feet in the squatting position before repeating the movement.

Namrata urged her followers to add these squat variations to their routine because it’s good to mix things up and work on all aspects of fitness. Squats help tone not just the lower body, but also your core and back muscles.

So, ladies, for those of you looking to tone your legs at home, Namrata’s post will give you just the right amount of direction and inspiration!

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