Try these 3 bicycle crunch variations to get that hourglass figure

Get a midriff like Katrina Kaif with bicycle crunches and its variations.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 24 Jun 2021, 12:53 pm IST
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There are a handful of exercises that work simultaneously on your abdominal and oblique muscles. You have to do a different set of moves to target both the muscles because let’s face it, leaving out anything won’t help you get that flat belly that you’ve been pining for. 

But there’s one move whose variations can help you target both these areas in one go. The good part is – you don’t need any equipment to perform this move. Dear ladies, say hello to bicycle crunches.

Bicycle crunches are a very simple move that target your mid and lower abdominal as well as oblique muscles. The twist and the contraction it includes  make the move all the more powerful and effective.

But just doing the normal bicycle crunches might not give you the best belly curves. That’s why we have for you three bicycle crunch variations that will help you get a midriff that’s as hot as Katrina Kaif.

So are you ready to crunch that belly fat? So, let’s begin.

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HIIT bicycle crunches variation circuit

It’s going to be a variation circuit that you have to do for 45 seconds. You can then take a 20-second break and get going with the next variation. Just start your stop watch and follow it through.

Variation 1: Normal bicycle crunches

Do it for 45 seconds

Here’s how to do it:

  • Lie down on a mat, with hands at the back of your neck. Lift your legs up. Alternatively move your legs like you are riding a bicycle. 
  • Your upper body movement will be in the opposite direction. For example, if your left leg is coming towards the chest and your right leg is extended straight, you have to touch (or at least try) your right elbow to your left knee.
  • Do this with utmost momentum and alternatively.     

Now take a 20-second break.

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Variation 2: Bicycle crunch with a hold

Do it for 45 seconds

  • You have to do the same move, but not when your knee and elbow are touching one another. Instead, you have to hold the pose for two deep breaths.
  • Then move to the alternate leg and hold it again.
  • You have to do it slowly. Don’t apply any force or don’t try to speed up. 
  • Just focus on contracting your belly and try to connect the elbow and your knee.

Now again take a 20-second break.

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Variation 3: Raised legs bicycle crunches

Do it for 45 seconds.

  • The move will remain the same, but in this case, your legs should point towards the roof, making a 90 degree angle with your upper body.
  • Hold your legs and don’t make them move that much.
  • Lower your right leg towards your chest and simultaneously lift your upper body. Try to touch your left elbow with your right knee.
  • Then do the same with your other leg.
  • This one will again have pace.

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Take a break for 30 seconds.

Tada! You just completed one circuit. If you are a beginner,  one to three circuits are enough in a day. Those who have intermediate and advanced fitness levels, try to repeat this circuit 5-10 times for amazing results.  

So ladies, it’s time to bring curves in your belly. Get, set, and bicycle!

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