Malaika Arora swears by these 3 yoga asanas for toned legs

Are you looking for tricks for toned legs? Bollywood celeb Malaika Arora has shared a yoga video, which can be handy for you.
Malaika performs yoga with ease and grace. Image courtesy: Instagram | Malaika Arora
Shifa Khan Updated: 7 Dec 2021, 16:13 pm IST
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With a fit frame and age-defying looks, Bollywood’s OG yogini has been serving us major fitness goals. Every now and then, the diva shares glimpses of her yoga routine for her followers to take inspiration from. Her figure is a result of a combination of a determined fitness regime and a strict balanced diet.

Courtesy her latest Instagram posts, the actress was seen enjoying a quality time in Maldives with her beau Arjun Kapoor. She’s now back in the bay and back to her fitness routine with a bang. Malaika took to Instagram to share a video of herself performing 3 yoga poses for toned legs with ease and grace.

The actress shared the benefits of the poses she performed along with the correct way of doing them. Malaika seemed absorbed into yoga as she performed Utkatasana, Malasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana.

1. Utkatasana

Clad in a black yoga outfit, Malaika oozed confidence as she did Utkatasana, also known as the chair pose. She started with holding this pose for a few seconds. “This pose specifically targets the quadriceps and the gluteal muscles. It improves posture and balance while helping you tone your overall body,” read an excerpt from her post.

Easy steps to do Utkatasana:

  • Stand in Tadasana.
  • Stretch your hands in front of your chest and move it up by the sides of your head.
  • Bend your knees and push your pelvis down like you are sitting in an imaginary chair.
  • Keep your hands stretched and maintain the pose for as long as you are comfortable.
    Toned legs
    Try malasana for toned legs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    2. Malasana

    Inspiring her fans to make yoga a part of their daily routine, Malaika did Malasana or the garland pose like a child’s play. Her post read “Malasana is an excellent pose to strengthen your thighs and legs. This pose also helps to release any stiffness in the lower body.”

Step by step guide to do Malasana:

  • Stand in a Tadasana while keeping your feet wide apart.
  • Bend your knees to come into a squat position.
  • Try to separate thighs wider than your torso.
  • Place both of your arms on the inside of the bent knees while inclining forward.
  • Fold hands together in front of your heart in Anjali mudra (Namaskar Mudra).

Check out Malaika’s Instagram post right here!

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Malaika concluded her video with Adho Mukha Svanasana, also known as downward facing dog pose. Certifying it as her go-to pose for both physical and mental health, she says, “This pose gives a deep stretch to the arms and legs and thereby helps tone the hamstrings, calves, arches and hands.”

Easy steps to do Adho Mukha Svanasana:

  • Keeping hip-width distance between your knees, kneel on the floor.
  • Place the hands on the floor right under the shoulders and incline forward. Keep thighs and arms perpendicular to the floor. Align the hands in line with the knees, shoulders aligned to the wrists.
  • Press the hands into the ground. Curl the toes and gently lift the hips and knees away from the floor while facing downward. Stay in the position for a while.
    Straighten the elbows and knees and feel an intense stretch in the back muscles of your legs.
  • Remain in this position as long as you’re comfortable.

    toned legs
    Trust yoga to tone your legs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Malaika is regularly papped outside her gym after her fitness routines, and she is widely noticed for her athleisure outfits. Malaika prefers following a mix of fitness routines like cardio, pilates and dance to keep her hot bod progress in check.
The actress advocates the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day. She is also an ardent believer of moderate eating and portion control. Malaika loves home-cooked meals as she shares her nutrient-rich recipes with her followers from time to time. To say that the 48-year-old is aging like fine wine won’t be an overstatement.


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