This unconventional workout regime by Kubbra Sait will give you major fitspo

Welcome the New Year with this power-packed workout sesh by Kubbra Sait.
Kubbra Sait
Thanks Kubbra for this amazing workout session. Image courtesy: Facebook | Kubbra Sait
Tapatrisha Das Updated: 23 Dec 2021, 10:39 am IST
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Kubbra Sait is a work in progress, just like all of us. The actor loves her time in the gym and is often spotted engrossed in her fitness routine. When not playing characters for the screen, Kubbra is opted seen working on her body with an intense workout routine. Kubbra’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of herself practising her fitness routine and they are a treat for sore eyes.

However, the start was not so smooth for Kubbra. Kubbra had a specific body shape especially in the back and believed that it was hereditary. She also believed that postures cannot be completely perfect and that’s how she met her fitness trainer, who ensured that her fitness routines prove to be fruitful in correcting her posture.

Kubbra shared a video compilation on her Instagram profile on Thursday and gave us a sneak peek into her gym routine. From taking up pull-ups to acing the stretches to working on her core muscles, Kubbra can be seen doing it all. In the beginning of the video, Kubbra can be seen holding a rod on top and doing pullups. Then she can be seen stretching her body by lying on her stomach on a yoga mat. She can also be seen sitting on the floor with her back inclined to a gym bench and working on her core muscles.

With the video, Kubbra busted the healthy myths that she once believed to be true – ” Oh, this is hereditary, nobody’s posture is perfect ok!” She further added that these are the words that she told to her fitness trainer, and the rest is history. Take a look at her fitness routine here:

The fitness routine, as performed by Kubbra, comes with multiple health benefits. Pullups help in strengthening the back, arm and shoulder muscles. Stretching, on the other hand, helps in improving posture and mobility of the body. It also helps in decreasing muscle soreness.

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