It’s time to get upside-down, because inversion yoga has these 5 benefits in store for you

Inversion yoga asanas provide a full-body workout to its practitioners and a host of health benefits.
inversion yoga
Try inversion yoga to enjoy a variety of health benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 27 May 2021, 04:10 pm IST
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Inversion yoga is a form of this ancient practice that includes asanas in which your heart and hips are above your head. While this form of yoga may sound difficult to follow, you must keep in mind that the level of difficulty increases gradually just like any other exercise form. The asanas range anywhere between a simple forward bend to a headstand.

benefits of inversion yoga

Bodyweight enabled inversion yoga offers a variety of benefits to its practitioners. These poses have been gaining popularity as they are challenging and help develop flexibility, balance and muscle strength. Not only does regularly practising inversion yoga tone up your body but it can also improve your overall workout productivity and posture.

To help you gain confidence when it comes to trying this form of yoga, we present 5 benefits that will motivate you to attempt inversion poses:

  1. Inversion yoga increases blood circulation and oxygen levels

Inversion poses improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage that help deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, and remove waste products. Moreover, these poses stimulate venous blood flow from the pelvis toward the heart which helps lower your heart rate and increase blood oxygen levels.

inversion yoga pose
Inversion yoga poses like the dolphin pose improve blood circulation . Image courtesy: Samiksha Shetty

2. It enhances muscular strength and corrects posture

The inversion poses target specific muscle groups, promoting overall limb agility, range of motion and strength. Additionally, poses such as ‘downward facing dog’ are beneficial for lengthening and engaging the back muscles that help correct posture.

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3. It improves flexibility and balance

Inversion asanas require you to develop mind-body awareness and hold your body in stretched positions against the force of gravity. This requirement increases endurance, balance and flexibility as you progress in your practice of this yoga form.

4. It boosts energy levels and focus


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Overall concentration and focus increase after performing this pose as it helps relax the nervous system. Inversion poses help increase oxygen and nutrient uptake in cells and release endorphins, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These endorphins improve focus, boost energy levels and elevate mood.

inversion yoga pose
Inversion yoga can enhance focus. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Inversion yoga reduces limb swelling and pain

Inversion asanas may reduce pain and swelling in the lower limbs by promoting lymphatic circulation. This form of circulation helps remove wasteful byproducts from the body and maintain fluid balance. For managing pain, the force of gravity coupled with gentle movement of the asanas directs the lymphatic flow and blood circulation away from the limbs and towards the heart, thereby reducing pain in the limbs.

You do, however, need to keep in mind that inversion yoga involves advanced moves. And so, it is best to perform them under the supervision of a fitness expert to avoid injuries.

So, consider trying this form of yoga for a fitter you and while it can provide many benefits, remember to be safe while performing it. Also, people suffering from brain injuries, spinal ailments and high blood pressure should not attempt this pose as it may further aggravate their condition.

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