T push-up is the magic exercise that can tone your arms and belly in one go

Push-ups have always been about your chest area, but when it comes to T push-ups your entire body is targeted by this one single move.
Feel the heat with T push-ups. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 17 May 2021, 17:00 pm IST
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There is nothing better than doing an exercise that does more than just focus on one body part. To be honest, it saves a lot of time. And when you find an exercise that can tone your arms and core together, then that’s just splendid – because let’s face it these are the hardest areas to get to. That’s why we want to introduce you to T push-ups.

We know that nobody likes doing push-ups. But worry not, because we are here to help you fall in love with T push-ups, because they are the best variation to this basic exercise. 

So here are some ground rules to do T push-ups

Do you know what makes T-push ups so good? That they target almost every body part of yours. Your arms, chest, shoulders, core, glute, thighs, and hamstrings – you just name it and T-pushups are going to work on them like magic. 

T push-up
It’s time to build your core along with your arms. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Before you dive into the move, don’t forget these things:

  • Warm-up is a must. Do at least 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up. Ensure that you stretch every part of your body.    
  • Use a mat to get a better grip.
  • Keep your body flexed to make the most of it this exercise. 
  • Breathing is important too, so focus on that.
  • This is a movement based push-up so don’t be in a hurry. The slower you go, the better the results.
  • You can do this move with or without shoes. So, that’s totally your call.
Now it’s time to learn how to do T push-ups

This move can be broken into three parts

  • Straight arm plank
  • Push-up
  • Side plank 

It might look difficult, but once you’ll get a hang of it then this exercise will be a piece of cake.

T push-up
Don’t underestimate the power of push-ups when it comes to strong shoulders.


Step 1: Be on all fours to get into a straight arm plank. Your palms will be shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Now slowly do a push-up.

Step 3: Now get into a side plank extending your arm (fingers facing towards the roof). Hold for 2 seconds.


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Step 4: Come back into the straight arm plank. Get into a push-up and then switch sides, and do a side plank again.

This is one rep. 

If you’re a beginner, do these T push-ups for 30 seconds. For starters, you can do knee push-ups. But extend your legs for the side plank. Do 5 sets of this.

If you’re at an intermediate and advanced fitness level, time yourself for one minute. 

T push-up
Give it your best while doing a side plank.
Tips that will come in handy
  • Whenever you have to apply force, try to exhale. This will help you in improving your stamina to do the move.
  • Keep your stomach tucked in so that your core stays engaged.

So that’s all about doing T push-ups ladies, now use your mats and try them out. 

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