Soha Ali Khan’s high intensity mid-week workout is the fitspo you need

Soha Ali Khan shares her workout session video on Instagram, motivating her fans to be fit and strong. Check out the post to know more!
Soha Ali Khan
Actress Soha Ali Khan’s intense workout session will inspire you to lace up and exercise! Image courtesy: Soha Ali Khan/Instagram
Grace Bains Published: 9 Sep 2021, 03:15 pm IST
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Bollywood celebrities often take to their social media handles, sharing snapshots of their workouts and fitness routines. Recently, the Rang De Basanti actress Soha Ali Khan, shared a video on Instagram, in which she was seen doing an intense workout. Soha has been actively sharing her workout videos on social media, and in this particular one, the focus was on her lower body and shoulders, and core.

This Wednesday workout will inspire you to take up weighted squats, shoulder raises, and skipping. This workout is an effective regime to tone the lower body, add strength and muscle mass to the shoulders, and engage the core.

Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan regularly shares her fitness routine with her followers. Image Courtesy: Facebook

She captioned her post as, “Wednesday workout done and now woefully wiped out!! #workoutmotivation @maheshfitnessclub.”

Goblet squats

In a number of videos shared by her, Soha now seems to have mastered the goblet squats. In the variation done by Soha, she used a heavy dumbbell, holding it in both hands near her chest, as she stood to brace for the squat. She starts off with a deep squat, with her left feet placed balanced on her toes, and slightly tilted outwards, while her right leg is facing forward. As she bends her hips and knees to perform the squat, her left heel lifts from the ground, bringing the weight to her toes. Soha completed the movement by coming back to the starting standing position.

This exercise engages and strengthens the glutes, thighs, calf, and lower abdomen. Goblet squats improve bodily balance, add stability and definition to the core. The upper body muscular strength is also improved, as well as the back and arm muscles.

Squats and shoulder raises

For the next exercise, Soha performed a weighted combination of squats and shoulder raises. She took the squat position, clasping the dumbbell in both her hands. As she was bending her knees and hips to perform the squat, she used her arms to raise the dumbbell upwards. This movement targets and tones the lower body, thigh muscles, and shoulder blades.

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For the final exercise of the video, Soha takes to skipping! Using a skipping rope, held in both hands, she jumped with both feet. She landed gracefully on her toes, bending her ankles and knees. This is a great exercise to boost your cardiovascular health, burn calories, and workout your entire body. Skipping tones the core muscles, arms, and thighs, and improves eye-hand coordination.

These exercises are bound to provide you with a wide variety of benefits, and boost your metabolism and endurance levels.

So ladies, check out Soha’s post, and get ready to be inspired by her intense mid-week workout session!

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