Take the stairs, Soha Ali Khan urges fans with her unique workout video

Published on: 25 November 2021, 17:00 pm IST

Climbing the stairs will start looking too mundane to you once you watch Soha Ali Khan indulging in this stairs workout! Trust us, you will stare in awe!

Actor Soha Ali Khan has made fitness a huge part of her life. Image courtesy: Instagram/Soha Ali Khan
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Soha Ali Khan is raising the bar for her fitness routine week after week. From acing yoga positions to practicing high intensity workouts and even using props with ease, the mother of two seems unstoppable. In her latest workout video, she inspires her fans to take the stairs to remain fit – albeit with one-of-a-kind ways!

Soha Ali Khan’s unique workout

Away from a fancy gym environment, Soha showcased just how the mundane stairs can be used for an invigorating fitness session. And no, not just by simple climbing, which of course is a great option over elevators to remain fit and fab. But Soha stretches herself a little more – quite literally!

In this mid-week Instagram video, Soha exhibited her latest experiment with fitness – the stairs workout. Watch the video right here:


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Urging her fans and followers on social media, she captioned the video: “Take the stairs! But not in the usual way … #workout #stairs #onestepatatime #fitness.”

The video features Soha acing a set each of squat climbs and crawls, before performing the plank position while making her way down the stairs.

This is surely a great way to use the stairs, as well as to engage the core and muscles. Besides, adding planks to the stairs workout not just builds core strength, but also enhances flexibility and coordination of the body. And don’t miss those awesome squats – those go a long way in burning calories and muscle gain.

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But let us tell all you beginners out there. Even simply climbing stairs can be a wonderful way to stay fit.

Take the stairs over elevators or escalators. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

According to BMC Public Health journal, experimental studies show that increased volumes of stair climbing are associated with many benefits. These include improved lipo-protein profiles, reduced weight, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose, as well as increased aerobic fitness and leg strength.

The study also mentions how people who indulge in this frequent have a decreased risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

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