Step up your workout game with house props – a la Soha Ali Khan!

No excuses for fitness exist for actress Soha Ali Khan as she steps Up her workout game with house props. Find out how!
Soha Ali Khan workout
Soha Ali Khan is an inspiration with her workout sessions. Image courtesy: Instagram/Soha Ali Khan
Purvi Kalra Updated: 17 Sep 2022, 10:01 am IST
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Who says you need to hit a fancy gym to do your daily workout? Actress, fitness enthusiast and hands-on mother Soha Ali Khan’s drive and dedication to a healthy body prove it all very well! Her interesting use of house props and fitness equipments are a lesson and inspiration for every lazy person who has a box of excuses to not hit the gym!

“Parenting can be consuming, but don’t let it come in the way of your workout,” believes Soha, who has had a life-changing tryst with fitness.

Her trainer, Mahesh Ghanekar, makes sure Soha has an array of creative and interesting exercises to push her limits in every session.

Soha Ali Khan’s workout sessions are inspiring

Beating midweek blues and weekend pinks with her high-intensity workouts, Soha manages to carve out time to squeeze a sweat session in always. While many of us may fish for excuses to keep away from our workout sessions, Soha makes the most of her household props to make her daily at-home regime fun and interesting.

Soha Ali Khan
Actor Soha Ali Khan has made fitness a huge part of her life. Image courtesy: Instagram/Soha Ali Khan

With immense focus and enthusiasm, the doting mother believes in getting back on track and being in control of her body. We get boosts of energy every week as he shares her fitness dairies on Instagram.

Soha Ali Khan sets fitness goals for everyone

Let’s take a look at a round-up of the props Soha Ali Khan uses to add that spark of fun and uniqueness to her daily workout regime.

1. A ball and a wall

“A ball and a wall is all you need”, adds the fitness fanatic in one of her Instagram captions. In various videos, she is seen using a football to amp up her fitness game. In one of her videos, she was seen standing upside down with the help of a wall in a tilted position, making her smart workout moves with the help of the ball.

2. Remove all your blocks with a wooden rod

“Remove (almost) all the blocks before working out this week.” It’s time to remove all your mental blocks and make the most use of your wooden blocks to strike the right balance in your workout. In most of her reels, Soha Ali Khan is seen using wooden blocks in combination to strengthen her core workouts. Balancing on a pair of wooden blocks while working out with a wooden rod, Soha sticks to her no pain, no gain mantra every day.

Soha Ali Khan
Build your abs in this way. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

One of her captions reads, “On the day of Thor let’s bring the core to the fore”.

3. Punch the tennis ball

Even something as tiny as a tennis ball is of use to Soha Ali Khan. In one of her videos, we can see Soha clad in co-od workout attire and punching a yellow tennis ball by hanging it up with the help of a rope. So, next time you find a spare tennis ball, you would know how to make the best use of it.


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4. Planks with tissue paper

Normal planks are so yesterday thing when you can spruce it up with tissue papers. In another video, we find Soha performing planks but with a twist. She uses tissue papers to up her core workout in a fun yet quirky way. She balances her body on her palms and uses the tissue papers below her palms to include a circular hand movement with the planks.

Soha adds to her Instagram caption, “Normal planks? No thanks! #coreworkout with a twist”.

Next time when you need that doze of motivation for an at-home workout, you know whom to turn to for help!

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