Sara Ali Khan kills it with hanging leg raises, gives us serious fitness goals

Bollywood celeb Sara Ali Khan is someone who always impresses us with her killer moves. This time around, she can be seen in top form, as she performs the hanging leg raises like a pro with the help of her fitness instructor.
Sara Ali Khan
Get a fit body like Sara Ali Khan with these moves. Image courtesy: Sara Ali Khan/Instagram
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 22 Jul 2021, 05:49 pm IST
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Fitness is not just a habit, it is truly a lifestyle! This is exactly what some B-town actresses believe in, and trust us, they walk the talk. One such celeb is Sara Ali Khan, who is not just known for her acting chops but also her svelte figure. And we can’t help but credit her for all the hard work she puts in! Yes ladies, Sara is someone who makes sure to experiment with her workouts, and we absolutely love that about her!

This time around, she is giving us some serious fitness goals with hanging leg raises. And yes, you got it right – it is to strengthen the core! Sara can be seen performing the move like a pro, but we all know it isn’t easy. It’s also an outcome of persistence and perseverance. Dressed in a black sports bra and black tights, she is seen doing a lot of reps by hanging from an overhead bar, with the help of her trainer Reza Katani.

Sara ali khan
Sara has always been a fitness inspiration! Image courtesy: Sara Ali Khan Facebook page

Here’s what her Instagram post says, “For real results you have to push yourself! Or sometimes…pull yourself And my workouts on @power are made to get results even if you are a beginner, so set yourself a new challenge (just like I did) and just start with me! (sic).”

Check out the post for yourself:

Guess what? Her moves got the attention of another Bollywood hottie and fitness icon, Katrina Kaif. She wrote, “Good form and Reza Katani in top form as well.”

So, what’s so special about hanging leg raises?

As mentioned, they don’t just strengthen your core, but also enhance your posture and add definition to your spine. Plus, they also improve mobility. The best part is this move targets various muscles at the same time — internal obliques, hip flexors, forearm muscles, and shoulder girdle muscles.


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So, all set to try out this move?

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