Rujuta Diwekar suggests 3 moves to stretch your back and hamstring

In her latest social media post, Rujuta Diwekar has urged her followers to stretch their back and hamstring for fitness.
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Stretch right with these exercises to avoid back pain. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Tapatrisha Das Published: 16 Feb 2022, 23:37 pm IST
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With the Covid pandemic making its way in our lives, the way we work, sit, stand and move has gone through a drastic change. As work from home became the need of the hour, the movements done with the bodies started to decrease as we began to work by sitting in one position for a long time. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who keeps sharing free-hand workout routines that need to be done for increasing mobility of our body, shared a fresh routine that will help in stretching our back and hamstring.

Rujuta mentioned that when the hamstrings and the back are not properly stretched throughout the day because of sitting positions, it begins to slowly affect the way we sit, stand, move and walk as well. But worse, it affects us mentally too. It begins to affect the way we think, the way our mood swings happen and the way we feel throughout the day.

Rujuta demonstrated three stretches that can be done with home equipment, which will further help us in creating better movements, and keep our body healthy. In the first part of the video, Rujuta can be seen standing with her knee joints and muscles and shoulders stiff in front of a chair placed against the wall. Then she can be seen placing her one foot on the chair and bending her body forward with her other leg straight.

In the next workout, Rujuta can be seen placing her one leg on the chair with her foot straightened. Then she can be seen stretching her hands upwards and bending her body to stretch her back. In the last part of the video, Rujuta can be seen placing her one foot upwards and then bending her body sideways with her one hand touching the wall. These exercises help in stretching of the back and the hamstrings.

“3 stretches for back and hamstring. To reduce the damage done by sitting for long hours,” wrote Rujuta. This workout routine is part of her 12-week workout plan that she initiated in the beginning of this year.




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