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This 2-in-1 plank variation will not just flatten your belly, but reduce your side bulges too

We call this 2-in-1 plank variation – hold and twist plank. If you want a flat belly, befriend it right away.
exercises for flat belly
Plank your way to a strong core! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 21 Apr 2022, 09:00 am IST
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There are three reasons why you feel planks are way too easy – either you are pro at it, you are doing it wrong or three, your body got used to it. Today, we want to talk to those of you who fall under the third category. You all know that this habit of yours will lead your body towards stagnation. And who wants that? So, ditch those planks that you have been doing for ages for at least a fortnight, and try this 2-in-1 plank variation that will work on your belly as well as sides in one go.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to doing this plank variation

This is going to be a one-and-a-half-minute plank. So here’s what the flow will look like – 30 seconds hold, 30 seconds twists, and 30 seconds hold.

Now here is what you have to do:

Step 1: Be on your all fours on a mat and get into a forearm plank. Just ensure that your elbow and your shoulder are in a straight line. Your spine is straight, glutes pushed, towards the wall, and again legs straight.

Plank variation
Go into a plank to get complimented with great health.

Step 2: Start your stopwatch and hold your stance for 30 seconds.

Step 3: As soon as your watch passes 30 seconds, lift your butts a little, in a way that you make a wide ‘A’. Now twist your lower body from side to side. Try to lower the touch floor as your glutes reach to one side.

Step 4: As the clock strikes a minute, get back to a forearm plank and hold it again for 30 more seconds.

5,4,3,2 anddd…. 1 – DONE!

Can you feel the burn in your core area? Well, then take a 30-second break and get back in position as you have to do at least 4 more rounds of it.

Plank variation
Plank pose can help you get rid of belly fat. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s how this plank variation will help you get a toned belly

Without a doubt, a plank is one of the most underrated exercises but if you are skipping it, especially on your abs day, you are losing big time. There are various studies that are published in renowned international journals such a Medicina and the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health that have gone gaga about the outstanding effects of doing a plank on a regular basis.


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And if you also follow some of the best fitness influencers nationally and internationally, you may be convinced enough about the worth of doing a plank.

Some benefits of doing this hold and twist plank are here for you:

  • It makes your core stronger to help in enhancing your overall performance.
  • It will build endurance. And if you lose stamina way too quickly during those cardio sessions, this plank will help you there too.
  • It will help you improve focus.
  • It will help you align your breathing technique.
  • This plank will be an amazing addition if you have less time and want to hit both your sides and belly in one go.
  • Many people find it difficult to engage their core. As this variation is broken into three parts, it will help you understand core engagement better. If you do it regularly, you will see that you will start engaging your core without making an extra effort because now you are used to it.

So ladies, grab your mats and take a leap from being a struck sole to a pro with this plank variation.

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