Welcome 2022 with these top fitness trends to stay fit as a fiddle

Fitness has become a priority for people, more so during the pandemic, and it is likely to continue even in 2022. Here are some top fitness trends to watch out for in the coming year!
fitness trends of 2022
Make a note of these fitness trends for 2022. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Meenakshi Mohanty Published: 2 Jan 2022, 12:00 pm IST
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Fitness trends in 2020 and 2021 switched from class-based workouts and gym time to a wholly virtual environment. As the New Year approaches, there is an expectation of the emergence of a new wave of fitness trends. While home workouts aren’t going anywhere, the way people think about well-being has changed. People are concentrating not only on how they exercise, but also on why they exercise.

Since we were confined to our houses, we sought strategies to cope with the stress of the pandemic and adjust to living in lockdown conditions. As a consequence of that, the interest in fitness has grown. While gyms are restoring their full capacity, the demand for exercise in practically every other sector has never been higher.

From the importance of mental health to the social aspects of exercise, and everything in between, here’s a list of the top trends in the fitness industry in 2022 that one should be aware of in order to improve strategy for future needs.

Mind-body training

In 2022, there will certainly be a continued emphasis on holistic fitness regimens and mind-body activities. Mental health has been a crucial concern after several lockdowns, financial challenges, and overall stress from living through a pandemic. Yoga, meditation, and tai-chi will continue to be popular as more individuals explore ways to relieve stress and anxiety, and support their mental health. Fitness enthusiasts will look to accomplish their overall wellness goals as physical exercise becomes more integrated into the larger health puzzle.

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Online fitness continues to grow

As countries implemented lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus, forcing temporary closures of gyms and studios, fitness programmes began to migrate to online platforms. Users can join live-streaming lessons with their friends or join new classes to meet new people. These online classes later proved to be incredibly adaptable. Those with hectic schedules could watch recorded courses at their leisure.

Given the flexibility and variety of online programmes, the booming domain of virtual fitness is sure to continue in the future.

Low-impact exercise

Low-impact exercise has room to grow, despite the popularity of high-impact exercise. Rowing, yoga, and Pilates are excellent strength-building exercises that are also gentle on the body. Low-impact but effective workouts will continue to be a fitness trend as more people want to improve their functional everyday movements and live healthier lives. Pure Barre, for example, the world’s largest barre studio brand, focuses on subtle motions that lead to significant changes.

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Smart home gym

Before the pandemic, smart home gym equipment was already popular, but frequent lockdowns increased our adoption and growth. Despite the fact that smart home gym equipment can be costly, companies like Tempo and FightClub have continued to raise millions of dollars in funding. The cost and size of smart home gym equipment are deterrents for many individuals, but many brands have been rising to the occasion.

Interactive strength training

For years, people have been purchasing fitness equipment such as spin bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and so on. Experts believe that interactive strength training equipment, such as NordicTrack’s Vault, Tempo, and Tonal, mirror-style gadgets fully equipped with everything needed for effective workouts, will become more popular in 2022. Personal training apps also provide one-on-one sessions and customised workouts with pros for a fraction of the cost of a regular gym membership for people who already have all the necessary equipment.

Top fitness trends of 2022
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The last word

While no one can forecast the future, it is apparent that the fitness sector will continue to be driven by consumer behaviour and technology. The industry has numerous chances to meet customer demand as a shift toward sustainable fitness rather than get-fit-quick alternatives continues to grow. As we enter another year, the way the world views health and fitness will continue to change.


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Online platforms that deliver workout sessions are still popular and will almost certainly grow in popularity. More fitness customers will seek out outdoor classes and sessions. At the same time, those who return to indoor programs regularly will expect a high degree of safety and hygiene before and after each class.

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