Take a sneak peek into Masaba Gupta’s power-packed fitness routine

This latest workout video of Masaba Gupta is all the fitness motivation you need. Check her out doing power packed exercises.
masaba gupta is a workaholic
Masaba Gupta is a workaholic. Image courtesy: Instagram | Masaba Gupta
Shifa Khan Updated: 1 Mar 2022, 09:53 pm IST
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If there is a celebrity who has majorly transformed their body through high-intensity workouts, it is Masaba Gupta. Masaba, who is a renowned name in the fashion industry, has been giving her soul and sweat to her fitness routines. Not only this, she is devoted to a healthy diet too.

Not many know, but Masaba has opened up on her battle with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This medical condition may also make it difficult for one to lose weight. However, Masaba took up the challenge and her weight loss story has become something truly inspirational!

Masaba Gupta Instagram
The fashion designer, Masaba Gupta has dealt with PCOS and still managed to lose weight. Image courtesy: Masaba Gupta | Facebook

The Masaba Masaba actor recently took to Instagram to share her rigorous workout routine. The diva was seen exercising with battle ropes powerfully, and she continued her strength training session with a medicine ball exercise using the wall.

Both the activities are aimed at increasing muscle strength, apart from boosting agility, co-ordination, focus and balance.

Masaba captioned her video, “No meeting,no shoot,no event will come in the way of my morning workout. My fitness routine helps me focus so much better at work through the day. And the physical strength? That’s a bonus. Did you workout today?”

Here’s some much-needed fitness motivation from Masaba!


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Masaba’s weight loss journey is a result of her consistent efforts. The fashion designer turned actor considers the importance of eating healthy and portion control. She calls her workout a ‘non-negotiable fitness routine’ as no professional commitment can break her own commitment to her fat to fit journey.


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The fashion designer works out at home 5 days a week with her personal fitness trainer at home. She also turns to swimming for an added fun-filled workout session. Masaba does a mix of cardio, pilates, yoga, and morning walk to burn fat from her thighs and upper body. She lays special emphasis on breathing exercises as she also suffers from asthma. And, her new improved version is proof of it.

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