Mandira Bedi encourages her fans to keep exercising during the pandemic

Mandira Bedi took to Instagram to share a glimpse of her intense yet simple workout sesh. So, think no more and add these exercises to your fitness routine — it will help you stay healthy during the pandemic.
Mandira Bedi workout
Motivate yourself with Mandira Bedi’s latest Instagram video. Image courtesy: Facebook
Aayushi Gupta Published: 8 May 2021, 10:48 am IST
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This is a time when India is going through an unprecedented second wave. Social media is inundated with posts today — celebrities, too, are making all the efforts to uplift the spirits of their audience, and Mandira Bedi is one of them. In her latest Instagram video, the fitness icon has shared some superb exercises, along with a heartwarming caption.

Dressed in a halter neck sports bra and matching yoga pants, she demonstrates certain exercises that will fill you with motivation. Here’s what the video says, “It’s okay not to be okay; work out when you can. Take the space, when you need it. Savour the moments, when you may feel upbeat and strong. Whatever you’re feeling is real.”

Check out her Instagram post now: 

Here are the bunch of exercises that Mandira can be seen doing:
1. Dumbbells side lateral raise

To perform the dumbbells side lateral raise, hold the dumbbells in each hand and stand straight. Palms facing in, keep your back straight, brace your core and slowly raise your arms holding the weight, until your arms are parallel with the floor; it’s like forming a “T” with your body. Make sure not to bend your elbows, and breathe in as you lift. Pause for a few seconds and slowly lower down the weight, back to the starting position. Breathe out as you lower the dumbbells. 

Aim for 10-12 reps with a perfect form, and select the correct weight. That’s the key to doing this exercise.

Benefits: This exercise is best for those who are looking to build shoulders, as it will help you strengthen those muscles. Also, if you do this correctly, it will also benefit your core and muscles in the upper back, arms and neck.

2. Plank row

Start by grabbing a pair of light dumbbells, and place them on the floor shoulder-width apart. Assume a plank position and make sure your back is straight and your hands are stacked under your shoulders. Maintain the plank lift by lifting the dumbbell up to your chest, while keeping elbows close to your rib cage. Repeat the row movement with alternative arms, and focus on maintaining the balance of your plank.


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Perform three sets of 6-8 reps, and remember to keep your core and glute muscles engaged.

Benefits: It is a multi-functional exercise that challenges your core, spine, muscles of the middle and upper back, shoulders, and arms. Enhance the core stability and total body balance.

3. Reverse leg lifts

Get down on all fours, place your hands under your shoulder, and knees under your hips. Extend your left leg bent at the knee behind you, and squeeze your buttocks. Lift the leg up, and slowly lower it back down. Repeat the movement with another leg. 

Benefits: This one is great for beginners! It targets the quads and glutes, and helps to tone and lengthen the muscles. Plus, it also improves your endurance and increases core strength.

4. Dumbbell crunches

Start by laying flat on your back, with your knees bent. Hold the dumbbells with both the hands, palms facing each other, elbows bent and your arms extended above your chest. Now crunch forward, driving the dumbbell up above you, as if it squeezes the muscles just below the rib cage. Exhale as you lift. You should feel that your abs are engaged during the movement. Slowly lower yourself down, returning to your starting point, and inhale. Now repeat.

Benefits: It mainly targets the abdominal muscles. When performed properly, it also works the rectus abdominal muscles and obliques. Moreover, it helps to strengthen muscles.

5. Hip raise

Lie down onto your back, keep your shoulders down in a relaxed position, and feet shoulder-width apart. Brace the core and take a deep breath. Push down your heels into the ground and lift your bottom up, so that your body forms a straight line from your shoulder to your knees. Focus on squeezing the core and keep your glutes tight. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then lower the body.

Benefits: A hip raise focuses on your core. It tones the spinal erector muscles of the back, boosting the core strength and improving power and performance in the body. You’ll feel the stretch in your torso and hips.

So, as she said, it’s okay to be not okay. Work out when you can!

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