Katrina Kaif discovered Pilates recently and swears by it for a toned body

Katrina Kaif, in her latest Instagram post, talked about how Pilates is making a difference to her workout by allowing her to concentrate on her muscles.
Katrina Kaif Pilates
The Bollywood beauty can be seen absolutely focused on toning up her legs! Image courtesy: Katrina Kaif/Facebook
Grace Bains Published: 21 Jan 2021, 17:21 pm IST
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There’s no doubt that Katrina Kaif’s body is literally perfect. The Bollywood beauty has enthralled the audiences with her perfect dance moves in multiple movies and we keep wanting more! It’s pretty clear that she works out hard to keep herself fit and her body toned.

But have you wondered how she manages this? Well, she keeps experimenting with new workouts. Ladies, it is SO important to try new things in order to figure out what works best for you. In a recent Instagram post, Katrina revealed that she’s always preferred the gym but has recently come to the realization that “you can get a lot of muscle work done through Pilates as well.”

You can see her post here:

What exactly is Pilates?

For the uninitiated, Pilates is a physical fitness system which consists of low-impact exercises meant to promote muscular and core strength. It gained fame only a couple of years ago but was invented all the way back in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates.

What can Pilates do for you? 

Joseph Pilates called these exercises ‘contrology’ because his aim was to enable muscle control and the building up of strength. Both these can be achieved by concentrating on the core and that is the main area Pilates targets apart from the hips, glutes, lower back and pelvic floor.

Strong muscles are what gives way to a well-toned body that everyone dreams of. In addition, Pilates is credited with contributing to posture alignment. What’s more, it also enhances flexibility and over time, can help you do some of the more difficult exercises while avoiding injury, especially related to the back.

Katrina mentions in her Instagram post that fitness trainer and Pilates expert, Yasmin Karachiwala, has been helping her ‘focus on one body part’ at a time. Even in the short video posted by Katrina, you can see that Pilates isn’t a heavy workout but still manages to leave you feeling like you’ve burnt some major fat! Just look at Katrina’s leg movement while her body stays still and her eyes stay focused in the front.


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The leggy lass has given us some major Pilates inspiration! It’s time we get our mats out and sign up for a session.

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