I did 100 squats every day for a month and here’s what followed

My experiment with squats has not just changed my perception about the exercise, but it has also changed the way I look.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 8 Jun 2020, 02:51 pm IST
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Doing legs has never been my thing and frankly, I always thought that doing cardio will keep my legs toned. That’s why squats and I have never been cordial with each other.

But thanks to the covid-19 lockdown, I didn’t have an option but to befriend them. And you’ll be shocked to hear that it was the wisest fitness choice I have ever made. Well, let me share why I have changed my perception about squats and about doing legs.

Here’s the story of how I reluctantly included squads in my workout routine and eventually, came to love them:

After the lockdown was announced, I bugged my gym trainer left, right, and centre to help me develop a workout routine that can be done at home to stay in shape and he strongly recommended squats. We definitely didn’t see eye-to-eye on this recommendation but after ten days of arguing, I decided to give in.

I did 100 squats daily! Of course not in one go but four sets of 25 and these are the amazing results I noticed:

1. Doing squats helped me gain muscle
I have always heard and read about it but I only believed it when I saw the results. Even after running my ass off on a treadmill, my legs have never been properly toned. Doing 100 squats daily has helped in muscling up my thighs and calves. Although they aren’t as ripped, they are fairly toned and thankfully, there are no cellulite pockets anymore.

2. Doing legs means working your entire body
Well, it is a universal perception that squats are just for your lower body. But according to experts and studies, it actually works really well for your overall body composition. From your lower back, abdomen, sides, and more – you only need this one wonder move.

And there is also a study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness which ratifies my observation.

3. My core is now much stronger
What I have realized is that when I do squats properly, my core gets engaged automatically. Due to this, when I did my core exercises, I felt that I’m able to pull more reps than before. My core had never been strong enough to pull off a 3-minute plank and today, I can do it easily. And how can I forget, my love handles are almost on the verge of becoming invisible and all the credit goes to squats.


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4. My posture has improved drastically
I was reading this article in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science which suggested that doing a squat requires controlled movement where you need to keep a few things in check when you move up and down. Therefore, it gives you better control over your body and gives you a better posture as well.

5. Finally, I’ve got some butt muscles
I don’t have a big butt and I’m not lying. But my bigger concern was that whatever tushie I do have was neither in shape nor firm. But doing squats helped me resolve that!

It hardly takes 10 minutes to pull off 100 squats. The only thing that I needed to remember before getting cracking was the right way to do it. Once that got sorted, there was no looking back. 

Lastly, all I can say is that it’s one of the best finds of 2020 and now, we are going to stick together forever. 

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