5 moves you must do after weight training to sculpt your muscles better

Lifted like crazy at the gym? Now take your muscle gain regime a notch higher by adding these five moves.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 18 Aug 2020, 11:11 am IST
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What do you do after finishing your weight training? We’re sure mostly you would end your gym session by sipping a post-workout shake and that’s about it. Isn’t it? Well, that’s where you are going wrong because this approach might take years to give you the desired muscle mass. 

But just a small change in your routine can make all the difference. All you need are these five super moves. The only catch? You need to do them after finishing your weight training.

So here are five post-workout moves that are must for well-sculpted muscles:

1. Skipping
Whatever muscle group you have worked on, doing at least 500 skips can enhance the impact like you can’t even imagine. When you skip your entire body is in action and all your muscles contract. So, whether you have done arms or abs at the gym, end your session with a minimum of 500 skips.

2. Planks
If it’s your biceps, triceps, or abs day–you have to follow the thumb rule of ending it with planks. Planks target your arms and core to such an extent that getting toned arms and six-pack abs without it is next to impossible. You can try doing a basic plank, side plank, and straight arm plank for at least a minute. You can do three sets of each plank.

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Side plank is what you need for a flat belly.

3. Calves raise
Cardio and legs day creates a lot of pressure on the hamstrings and that’s why you feel the pain. So do at least 20 reps and 4 sets of calves raises to feel the difference. Trust us, your muscle soreness will be gone and you will feel like it never existed. Plus, the toned lower legs you’ll get in return are a added bonus.

4. Forearm rotation
If you want to tighten your forearm muscles then after doing your biceps and triceps exercises get a hold of the forearm bar and do at least 10 rotations. This will not just tone the muscle but will give your forearm a chiseled shape making your overall arm look slimmer. Plus, if your upper arms are saggy then forearms rotation will help in toning that as well.

5. Double arm waves
You must try doing double arm waves after doing arms, shoulder, and back muscles with the help of a battle rope. The difference you’ll see is just impeccable. Your muscles will shape consistently and you’ll get proper cuts. Also, you don’t need any heavy duty equipment if you want to tone your traps because this move will take care of it. You can do 50 reps from each hand and 4 such sets for better impact.


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Why must you do these moves post weight-training?
Simply put, it’s because these exercises will bring more contraction in the muscles on which you have just worked. Plus, more toning is up for grabs with these moves. These exercises will also aid the recovery process. 

According to fitness and wellness coach, Ruchika Rai, post-workout exercises also help in reducing muscle soreness and injuries, and boosts the impact of your exercise by many folds.  

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