Fire up the core with this ‘Abs on Elbows’ workout shared by celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit

Are you looking for an abs workout that will set your core on fire? Here's what Namrata Purohit suggests you should do.
Abs workout
Fire up the core with this ab workout by Namrata Purohit. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 24 Nov 2022, 16:00 pm IST
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Have you been unable to target your core muscles regardless of how many crunches you do? It’s not just you, the abdominal area is hard to target which is why the best fitness trainers are helping you by sharing the best lower ab exercises to get rid of the stubborn belly fat. The latest to share a core workout that will make you feel the burn is Namrata Purohit.

The celebrity fitness trainer who trains Bollywood celebrities including Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor shared a short video on her Instagram account demonstrating some ab exercises to keep your abdomen in shape.

Namrata Purohit shares ab workout for your core

She captioned the video, “Who doesn’t love to work their abdominal muscles? I love it!! Here is another way to work it. Try it out and tell me how it goes.”

Check out the video right here:

So, are you ready to follow the workout? According to the fitness trainer, this ab workout is a little different and will set your abs on fire. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the workout!

Keep in mind: All the exercises are to be performed with you leaning back on your elbows with your fingers near your waist. Some things mentioned by the fitness expert in the video that you should keep in mind are:

  • Keep breathing
  • Keep your core engaged
  • Make sure you don’t sink in the shoulders, keep the chest open
  • Do not extend the lower
  • Go as low as your core can stay engaged

5 ab workout for your core muscles

Here are the ab exercises suggested by the celebrity fitness trainer in the video:


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1. Single Leg Stretch

Bend your knees and stretch them at a 90-degree angle. Keep your feet pointed and draw one leg straight out at one time and go back to the initial position. Now, repeat on the other side.

2. Single Leg Tap

Bend one knee at a 90-degree angle, keeping the other leg straight. Exhale slowly and tap the heel of the straight leg on the floor. Now, lift it off the ground and hold. Lower the leg to the floor and tap again. Do it a few times and repeat on the other side.

ab workout
Single leg tap to work your core. Image Courtesy: Instagram/Namrata Purohit

3. Circle

Lift your legs about 45 degrees and point your toes in the front. Now, make outward circles with your toes, moving your legs simultaneously in opposite directions. Bringing the thighs back to the initial position completes one rep. Do it as many times as you can, do not overstrain yourself.

4. Butterfly Taps

Bring the soles of your feet together and open your knees to the sides. Now, lift your legs up. Bring your legs down and tap the toe on the mat.

5. Scissors

Targeting and working your abdominal muscles, raise both legs off of the ground and then crisscross one over the other leg in a scissor-like move without letting your legs drop. It will burn like hell but don’t give up! Complete at least 15 reps.

Caution: While these exercises are recommended by a professional fitness trainer, it is best that you check with your trainer to avoid injuries. People with an underlying disease should check with their doctors first to avoid complications.

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