Best dip bars to build strength and muscles at home: 6 top picks

If you want to build your strength and muscles at the comfort of your home, invest in the best dip bars and level up your fitness session.
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Include the best dip bars in your home gym and improve your overall fitness. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 2 Apr 2024, 05:10 pm IST
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An intensive training program can be a good way to build strength, muscles and overall fitness. Adding dip exercises to your fitness regime can help you effectively target muscles like chest, triceps and shoulders. Besides enhancing your overall functional strength and strengthening your muscles, dip exercises can help you sculpt your upper body to get a defined physique. The best way to perform these exercises is by including dip exercise bars in your home gym. This versatile fitness equipment includes two parallel bars that are set at a fixed distance. They are especially designed to give support to your body weight during exercises such as dips, leg raises and L-sits. Usually made from steel, aluminum, wood and PVC material, these bars can uplift your strength training routine and help you achieve your fitness goals. Here is a list of the best dip bars that you may include in your home gym.

6 best dip bars for home gym

We have compiled a list of the best dip training bars that can help you improve your strength training regimen:

1. Protoner Dip Fitness Bar Dip Stand

Protoner Dip Fitness Bar Dip Stand can be an ideal addition to your home gym. Especially designed for doing dip exercises, this bar allows you to target the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps. It is made from sturdy and durable steel material and can hold up to 250 kg weight. The handles of the bar are covered with foam to offer soft and comfortable grip while exercising. It also features foam pads under the base of the bar to protect the floor from any damage. The brand states that this bar is perfect for tricep dips, knee raises, leg raises, back rows and other exercises.

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2. ALLYSON Fitness Dip Stations

ALLYSON Fitness Dip Stations promises to add versatility to your fitness routine. Ideal for enhancing the training intensity for chest, triceps, abdomen and shoulders, this dip exercise stand can help you improve your strength and build muscles. This height-adjustable bar is equipped with plastic feet to protect the floor from scratches. It is made from powder-coated steel which ensures the longevity of this home-gym equipment.

3. Lyger Fitness Equalizer Yellow Dip Stands

Lyger Fitness Equalizer Yellow Dip Stand comes with a powder-coated frame which ensures the durability of the equipment. It features polyurethane grip padded handles to provide comfortable and secure grip while exercising. This at-home fitness equipment also features rubber non-slip feet to enhance stability and avoid damage to the floor. It is a lightweight and portable bar that can hold up to 180 kg. The brand states that this dip stand is perfect for muscle training, muscle activation, deep stimulation and increasing strength.

4. Hashtag Fitness Solid Wall Mount Dip Stand

Hashtag Fitness Solid Wall Mount Dip Stand promises to help you engage multiple muscle groups and improve your overall fitness. Made from steel material, this exercise equipment comes with black matte powder coating, four mounting holes on each stand and supports up to 120 kg. It also promises to provide great stability and support during exercise. This bar also features non-slip handles to provide you with comfortable and secure grip.

5. Jio Home Gym Dip Station

Jio Home Gym Dip Station can be a great addition to your home gym. Besides dip exercise stands, this equipment features standing parallel push-up bars as well. Made from alloy steel material, its fitness equipment is durable and stable. The handles of the bar features padded foam grip which ensures comfortable, safe and secure grip during exercise. The brand also gives a 5 years warranty for joint failure on this product.

6. SogesHome Power Tower Dip Station

SogesHome Power Tower Dip Station is made from high-quality steel material. It features anti-roll over base for safety and stability. With its adjustable height, this equipment proves to be ideal for the whole family workout. By including this dip station in your home gym, you can bring versatility in your workout routine and perform various exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, knee lifts, reverse grip chin and more.

What are the benefits of dip bars?

Dip bars are good for improving your strength, muscles and helping you achieve your fitness goals effectively.

  • Supports targeted muscle engagement: Dip stations are especially designed to help you target the muscles of the upper body like chest, shoulders and triceps. By engaging these muscle groups, you can sculpt your body and enhance your strength.
  • Promotes strength building: These equipments allow you to coordinate your movements and engage multi muscle groups. This helps in building muscle mass and improving your overall strength.
  • Adds versatility: From knee raises to leg raises, the dip stands can help you perform several exercises and challenge your body in diverse ways. They are also suitable for all fitness levels which make them an ideal fitness equipment.
  • Supports core stability and balance: Although dip bars are primarily used for upper body training, certain other exercises can also be performed using these stands, which can help improve core stability and balance.
  • Portable: These exercise equipment are compact and portable in comparison to other gym equipment, which makes them ideal choices for home gym.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What are dip bars good for?
    The dip is one of the most widely used bodyweight exercises that helps with building strength in the muscles of the upper body as per the NIH. Dip stands can help build strength in the arms, shoulders, back muscles and can also contribute to shaping strong core muscles.
  • Is it okay to do bar dips every day?
    Bar dip exercises include intensive training for building strength and muscles. Performing these exercises depends on your fitness level and goals. You can perform bar dip exercises 3–4 times but make sure that you give proper time for recovery after every workout session to prevent the risk of injury.
  • Can beginners do dip exercises?
    Beginners can do dip exercises with the help of these dip stands for support, stability and safety during exercising. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests that beginners should start with relatively simple exercises and progress to more advanced ones with time.

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