Best 5kg dumbbells for beginners: 8 top picks to build muscle endurance

If you have just started or planning to start your fitness journey, a pair of 5kg dumbbells can be your perfect companion.
5kg dumbbells
Include the best 5kg dumbbells in your home gym and improve your muscle endurance. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 22 Mar 2024, 05:24 pm IST
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Dumbbells are one of the most important workout equipment. If you have decided to start your fitness journey, choosing a 5kg dumbbell set can be an investment you won’t regret. It provides enough resistance to beginners for stimulating muscle growth and building strength without causing any injury. These dumbbells also allow you to improve your progressive overload. Besides helping you target specific muscle groups, 5kg dumbbells offer versatility in your workout. The ergonomic design of these dumbbells help you perform varied exercises with safety and at the comfort of your home. You can even store or carry them anywhere as they are compact. So, it is finally time to set your own home gym and start your journey towards achieving a fit body by incorporating workout equipment like the top 5kg dumbbells in your routine.

Top 5kg dumbbells for home gym

The best 5kg dumbbells in India are a beginner-friendly option to achieve a fit body at home. Here are our top picks:

1. Slovic Dumbbells Set for Home Gym

If you are looking for 5kg dumbbell sets for home gym, this one from Slovic might be a perfect choice for you! This pair of dumbbells for muscle building are made from solid cast iron and rubber material to protect them from rusting. The user-friendly design of this fitness equipment allows you to perform extensive exercises at the comfort of your home. They come with hexagonal shape heads which may help prevent rolling and provide easier storage. This dumbbell set features knurled ergonomic handles to prevent slipping. Providing a comfortable and secure grip, these dumbbells help target muscle groups and improve overall fitness.

2. FITRXX Round Shape Bouncer Dumbbell Set

Try this dumbbell for exercise from FITRXX and improve your fitness. Made of solid alloy steel and special compounded rubber, these dumbbells are highly durable. The round shaped head and the smooth finish of this equipment makes it comfortable, stylish and trendy. The brand states that the product is especially designed for toning the upper body, improving core muscle strength, shape and tone arms, back and shoulders. They also feature chrome plated solid steel knurled handles to give extra edge and secure grip during the workout.

3. Amazon Brand – Symactive Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells

If you are looking for dumbbells to workout at home, try this set from Amazon Brand. They are made from cast iron material, which makes them durable and ideal for strength training. The rubber coating on these dumbbells help prevent floor damage if dropped. This workout equipment has hexagonal shape and engraved ridges on the handles, which provides additional grip while exercising.

4. LEEWAY Hex Dumbbells

LEEWAY Hex Dumbbells can be a good addition to your workout session. They are made from high-quality steel and durable cast iron. The handles of this dumbbell set are steel and chrome-coated. This versatile set of dumbbells promises to help you workout muscular imbalances and perform other exercises that are usually done with a barbell. This fitness equipment is especially designed to make your workout session comfortable and safe. In addition, these dumbbells are also easy to carry and store because of their compact design.

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5. RUBX Rubber Coated Professional Round Dumbbells

RUBX Rubber Coated Professional Round Dumbbells can be a perfect addition to your home gym. They are made of alloy steel and rubber material to ensure durability and safety. These high-quality weightlifting equipment are especially designed to strengthen your arms. So, if you are a beginner, using these dumbbells can help you improve your fitness without causing any injury.

6.VCORE Fitness Hex Dumbbell

This VCORE Fitness Hex Dumbbell is made from cast-iron core technologically built rubber. It promises to target core muscle groups and supports full body workouts. This dumbbell comes with a contoured metal chrome finish handle with knurled grip to provide a strong and non-slip grip. The ergonomic design of this dumbbell helps perform better without worrying about the risk of injury. Encased with premium natural soft rubber, this dumbbell can protect and minimise the risk of any damage to the floor. It also features an anti-roll design that helps it from rolling away and makes it easy to store.

7. Kore Rubber Coated Professional Dumbbell

Kore Rubber Coated Professional Dumbbell comes in hexagon-shaped. This rubber encased dumbbell may help prevent rolling and promote better storage. The presence of rubber material in these dumbbells makes it safe for your home workout space as it may not cause any damage to the floor. They have chrome plated handles with knurled design to provide better grip. The thick and durable rubber end coating enhances the durability of this fitness equipment.

8. Strauss Vinyl Dumbbell Set

Strauss Vinyl Dumbbell Set can be a good choice for a wide range of training. It promises to help you tone your muscles and enhance your strength. This multifunctional dumbbell may help you shape your arm lines, help with weight management exercises and improve your balance. It offers comfortable and smooth grip that prevents any risk of injury during the exercise.

How to choose the right dumbbell set?

Choosing the right dumbbell set is essential to meet your fitness goals effectively. So, consider these points to make an informed decision:

  • Weight range: Consider your strength level and choose the dumbbell that offers a weight range which is appropriate for your needs. If you are looking for 5 kg dumbbells, check carefully and buy the one that suits your needs. You may even go for adjustable ones as they allow you to increase the weight as you progress further.
  • Grip: Comfortable and safe grip can ensure safety during the exercise and prevent hand fatigue. Look for dumbbells that come with textured or ergonomic handles for a comfortable and firm grip.
  • Material: Pay attention to the material of the dumbbell as they are typically made from metal, rubber or neoprene. While metal dumbbells are durable, the other options provide protection against damage to floors and reduce noise. So, choose the one that suits your fitness needs.
  • Space and storage: Consider the space of your workout areas and storage options. Adjustable dumbbells are compact, and they can be easily stored.
  • Budget: Set a budget and then look for dumbbells that offer maximum benefits in your price.
  • Test: Try out different dumbbells before making your final purchase. It will allow you to understand the weight distribution, grip and overall feel of the fitness equipment.

What are the benefits of 5kg dumbbells?

  • Beginner-friendly: For those who are new to strength training, these dumbbells help them master the techniques of exercises without risking injury or overexertion.
  • Versatile: Made from high-quality material, these dumbbells provide compact weight that can be incorporated in various exercises including bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep extensions and more.
  • Muscle endurance: They are valuable fitness equipment for building muscle endurance as you can perform high-repetition sets in different ways for longer periods of time.
  • Joint stability: Using lighter weight dumbbells encourage better coordination and stability as they allow you to have better control and precision.
  • Injury prevention: The light resistance allows you to perform targeted exercises to improve the range of motion without putting excessive strain on your joints. This helps in rehabilitation and prevents any future injuries.
  • Budget-friendly option: Buying fitness equipment is an expensive affair. But 5kg dumbbells promises to offer positive results without impacting your budget.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Which type of dumbbell is best for beginners?

A beginner should start with lighter weight dumbbells like the 5 kg dumbbell set. And gradually they can increase their weight as their fitness level improves. This will help prevent the risk of injuries.

  • What is the best material for dumbbells?

What material dumbbell should you buy totally depends on your presence and goals. Dumbbells made with rubber or neoprene material may be a good choice as they are durable and less likely to cause any damage to the floor.

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