Avoid these 6 common but dangerous mistakes when you do the Russian twist

The Russian twist can give you a flat belly but you need to ensure you don’t commit these common mistakes.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 20 Apr 2021, 17:30 pm IST
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The Russian twist is a brilliant exercise for the core. It does not just target your abs but also works on your side and lower back muscles. Hence, it is perfect for all those who want a flat belly. You do, however, need to keep in mind that if you don’t perform it right then it can leave you injured.

The Russian twist is a very simple move that helps you flex targeted muscle groups quite efficiently. In addition, it comes with multiple variations! People often add extra weight by holding a ball, weight plate, or dumbbell. This helps in enhancing the contraction of muscles.

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes while performing this move and end up in pain, taking them away from their fitness goals. Hence, we want you to pay attention to the points that we are listing here and avoid any injuries.

Here are 6 very common mistakes that most people make when doing the Russian twist
1. Being fast-paced

The golden rule of every muscle-strengthening exercise is to perform it really slow to see actual results. The same rule applies to the Russian twist. When you move from side to side, concentrate solely on the movement and the muscle group, i.e., the core. When you do so with single-minded focus, it will lead to better contraction of the muscles and help you burn more fat.

Russian twists
Move your core, Russian twist style!

To take it slow, hold a 2.5-kilo plate, dumbbell or kettlebell while doing the twists. This will enhance the physical effort and the additional weight will slow you down. You can always add more weight, depending on your comfort.

2. Hunching your back

If you are hunching or slouching while doing Russian twists, you will simply not get the results you want. See, when you hunch your back, you are actually restricting your movement. Due to this, this move will not be able to target the areas you want to work on and your effort will go in vain.

3. Not maintaining the correct angle

The main reason for hunching is not maintaining a proper angle. The bottom line is that posture is everything when it comes to this exercise. According to fitness experts, you need to maintain a 45-degree angle between your thighs and upper body. Those who face a problem in keeping their back straight can make a wider V to sustain the pose.

Russian twists
Maintain the posture by doing these twists correctly. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Working your legs too much

If your knees or legs are moving when you perform this exercise, you’re doing it all wrong. This usually happens because you are not keeping your core engaged, or you’re going too fast. The movement of your legs takes away the focus from your torso. Hence, your core will not be engaged. You can put some weight on your core to flex it better. But, beginners should avoid doing this.

5. Not breathing properly

Always exhale when you drift towards the side and inhale while coming back to the centre position. This will help you in developing focus, build stamina to hold the position and burn more calories as well.

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6. Not doing enough reps

Repetition is key when it comes to making this exercise work. You need to know how many reps are good enough and when you are taking it too far. Your core won’t require too many repetitions but the number should be enough to make an impact.

Beginners should do at least 20 twists on each side. Those of you who are at an intermediate level can do 35 reps on each side and those of you who are at an advanced level should go for 50 reps on each side. Do 4 sets to see the effects!

The Russian twist can do wonders for you, as long as you perform it right!

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