Amp up your workout gear with a weighted vest! Here’s how you can use it

Using a weighted vest will help improve your fitness levels and improve overall health. It is helpful if you’ve been wanting to tone up the muscles!
weighted vest
Boost your endurance and fitness with weighted vests! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Updated: 3 Feb 2024, 09:56 am IST
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Working out during Covid-19 has been a challenge for many, as social distancing norms have restricted the usage of gyms and public parks. In order to maintain the intensity of home workouts, and break the monotony, using a weighted vest is a great option while training.

As per the Journal of Ageing and Physical Activity, weighted vests assist in burning calories, increase running speed, improve posture, and boost bone health.

weighted vest
Wear a weighted vest to gain the muscles you want! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What is a weighted vest?

This exercise tool looks like a tactical military or fishing vest, laced with pockets, which allow the user to add or remove weights as per the requirements. The amount of weight ranges from 5 to 70 kgs, and is evenly distributed across the vest.

These vests are usually available in three types – shoulder holster, tactical, and torso-covering:

Shoulder holster
Built like a hydration pack with a buckle.

Tactical vests
Designed like military body armour, made with steel plates.

Torso-covering vests
They cover only the chest and consist of velcro straps.

Weighted vests are also designed to keep the female body in mind, which can reduce discomfort around the torso.

build muscle
Building muscles isn’t that hard when you’re using a weighted vest. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

One can wear them while working out, to increase the resistance and stress on the muscles. This added resistance helps burn calories and grow muscles. It is widely used by pro-athletes and fitness enthusiasts, as an efficient training tool. It provides stability and balance to the body, and engages the core, thereby increasing the athletic performance of its adopters.

When using it at home, or even at a gym, beginners can wear the vest while performing exercises such as push-ups, squats, and planks.


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How can a weighted vest benefit you?

Wearing a weighted vest will benefit your overall health and fitness:

Calorie burning

The extra weight will compel you to expend more energy than usual, leading to increased calorie burn. Research by ‘Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise’, suggests that weighted vests help with calorie burning and improves metabolic response.

Muscle strengthening

Muscle growth is conditional to the resistance added to the targeted muscle group. A weighted vest will help you to exert harder, gradually transpiring into improvement in strength levels and muscle size.

Improves bone formation

Research published by the Journal of Osteoporosis and Physical Activity revealed that training with a weighted vest results in increased bone formation and controls reduction in bone mineral density.

bone health
Avoid bone-related issues by working out with a weighted vest. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Strengthens the core

A weighted vest will engage with your abdominal muscles and will add stress on them, leading to their toning and strengthening.

Increases overall performance and agility

The resistance will provide incremental gains in performance and agility. A research study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that wearing a weighted vest helps improve running speed, jumping power, and agility.

Things to keep in mind
For those of you who are starting out with the weighted vest, ensure that you take it slow, and gradually increase the weight. This will help your body to adapt and perform better. Additionally, in case of any joint or muscle pain, or conditions such as arthritis, consult with a medical professional before using a weighted vest, as the added weights could cause injuries.

So ladies, try using weighted vests, and get ready to take your workout to the next level!

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