Want a flat belly and a solid core? Use an abs wheel roller and see the difference

Who doesn’t want a strong core and a chiseled back, right? Think no more and get yourself an abs wheel roller to do exercises for flat belly.
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Want to get rid of a bulgy upper body? Then, get yourself an abs wheel roller RN. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 30 Sep 2020, 12:00 pm IST
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If you Google search for the best abs exercises, you’ll either end up finding crunches or leg raises. No doubt, they are great when it comes to burning belly fat, they are a little slow and require multiple reps. But, what if we tell you that there are some exercises that will not just give you washboard abs but a chiseled upper body, that too in no time. Ladies, give it up for abs wheel roller exercises.

It is impossible to get a tight core without a strong chest or back. And to achieve that dream, you need to spend hours doing multiple exercises. Now that’s such a waste of time and energy! And frankly if you are not hitting the gym then it is a little tricky to train your chest and back. But with an abs wheel roller, you can totally fix each and every muscle, and that too within the comfort of your homes.

An ab wheel roller helps you flex every single muscle in your upper body, and helps you lose fat and strengthen your muscles.

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Abs wheel roller is the easiest way to get flat abs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are the muscles you can tone with an abs wheel roller
The maximum impact of this roller is on the core, and that’s how it gets its name! Having said that, there are other muscles it targets as well, in more or less the same way:

1. Traps (Shoulders)
2. Triceps, biceps, and forearms (Arms)
3. Chest
4. Upper and lower back
5. Abs and oblique
6. Glutes
7. Thigh

There is a very miniscule chance that your calves are also trained, but that’s only in an advanced variation of the abs wheel exercises.

Now let’s learn how to use an abs wheel roller effectively to get that flat belly
Although there are multiple variations that can be found on the web, we’ll teach you the most basic one to avoid any injury. So, let’s get started:

1. Kneel on a mat and fold it in such a way that your roller doesn’t come in contact with it. Ensure that you put something below your knees for cushioning, and to avoid any kind of slipping and abrasion. Now, lock your legs properly.

2. Next, hold the abs wheel roller properly, keep your arms and back straight, and core tight. Slowly move the roller forward, and extend your upper body. Extend as much as you can.

3. When you reach your maximum extension, take a deep breath and roll back to your original position. Repeat.


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The key here is that the more you extend yourself, the better your contraction will be. And when you keep your muscles tight, the impact of the exercise increases! That means you can strengthen your core and even get a flat belly

In the beginning, it might be a struggle to extend too much, but hey that’s okay. Don’t over exert yourself, just keep trying to get better, one day at a time. Also, in the beginning start with 10 to 15 extensions only, and then slowly increase it by two to five. When it comes to sets, then please do at least five sets.

So ladies, don’t go by the simplicity of this move because it has everything that you need to tone your upper body. Do give it a try!

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