Squat variations I swear by as they target every bit of my legs

Does your leg hurt when you climbe stairs? It’s time to make every muscle in your leg stronger with these seven types of squats.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 11 Jun 2022, 08:59 am IST
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If there was a fitness election, squats would perhaps never be on the winning front because it is THE most hated exercise of them all. But love it or hate it – you just can’t afford to ignore it. We say so because weak legs will never help you achieve the kind of results you are looking for. Plus, weak legs mean pain, cramps, and fatigue. So, if you want to avoid all this, train your legs to muscle with these squats variations and feel the difference.

7 types of squats to train every muscle in your leg

  1. Sumo squats for inner thighs: Let us tell you one thing, reducing fat or cellulite from your inner thighs is not a joke and that’s why you need to do a little extra. And sumo squat is that extra. All you have to do is open your legs wide, direct your toe outwards, and squat. Simple!

    sumo squats
    Do sumo squats and your inner thighs are sorted. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  2. Swiss ball squats for better stability: If you often fall doing a squat, are unable to hold a pose or find it difficult to channel your energy in the exercise you do? Well, whatever your case is, all this actually points to one problem and that is a weak core. A core is something that provides your balance and stability. So while doing a normal squat or sumo squat hold a Swiss ball and stretch your arms parallel to the ground. And in a few weeks, you will see that you have improved your stability quotient.
  3. Close leg squats for glutes, calves, and back of the thigh: If you want well-rounded butts and chiseled calves close legs squats are all you need. Keep your legs and feet as close as possible and get into a deep squat. Doing it slowly is another trick that can work for this.

    types of squats
    Close your legs and squat!
  4. Single leg squats for quads: It’s a toughie but no other squat going to fetch you results like this. For this, you need practice and expert guidance because it is one of the hardest forms of squat and you can’t afford to go wrong with it. And as we said, nailing this means leaner and stronger leg for shiz!
  5. Jump squats for calves: If your legs cry out for help after climbing stairs or walking a mile? Then this is a clear sign that you have weak calves. Try doing jump squats to fix them right away. Just an FYI, you don’t really have to jump way too high, and while you land just to ensure there is no thud sound.

    jumping squats
    Give your weight loss journey a push with jumping squats. Do four sets and 25 reps. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  6. Goblet squat for thighs and glutes: If you have heavy thighs, adding a little weight won’t harm you. Adding weight to your squat increase the resistance and you will burn more calories around that area. Plus, it helps in muscle building and will also help in building endurance. So go for it!
  7. Deep squat for butts: Who would say no to well-rounded butts like an apricot? All of us right? And for that nothing works better than a deep squat. If you are able unable to go deeper into a squat then take support of a wall or a chair initially.

Once you are able to do it comfortably with support then get rid of it.
There you go, ladies! We have tackled every muscle from your thigh to toe. Now use each of these squats and flaunt those legs that are not just sexy but strong as well.

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