Stuck with skinny legs? 6 reasons why your legs are not changing even after working out

If you aren’t able to change the way your legs look then certainly you are making some mistakes that’s restricting your legs to gain muscle.
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Not enough muscle gain in the legs could be a sign of incorrect exercise movements, diet and form. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 12 Mar 2021, 10:51 am IST
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So many of you work extremely hard to not have skinny legs and it is really disheartening when you put in the blood, sweat and tears and still see no visible muscle growth in the legs. Unfortunately, the fault may be in the way you are performing the exercise movements, the over/under doing of repetitions or even the diet you are taking. 

There are many factors going haywire which are contributing to you not being able to sculpt your legs the way you want to.

So, to help you get the right muscle growth and strengthen your legs, we present six most common mistakes to avoid:

1. You must be sticking to the same routine

Following the same exercise routine everyday can lead to stagnation of the muscle growth as the leg muscles adapt to wear and tear caused by a certain set of movements and build resistance towards growth and conditioning. Surprise is the key element to an effective muscle growth program and it is advisable to change your routine, at least once a month, by including a fresh set of movements, changing the number of sets and repetitions or even the weight you are lifting.

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2. You must be overdoing cardio

Cardio such as running is meant to burn calories at a faster rate than other exercises and this impacts the muscle growth in the leg region. Having skinny legs could be a sign of overdoing cardio as even if you are gaining any muscle mass, the cardio sheds it off, making your effort a zero sum game. So, consult your trainer to understand how much cardio you need on a daily basis that would also not impact the muscle growth.

3. You are not eating the right diet

Sticking to just protein rich foods will not necessarily help in gaining muscle mass. Carbs are really important to supplement the muscle growth as they help your body to recover after a workout and build bigger and more defined muscles. So, ensure to add complex carbs such as bran and brown rice to your diet to get those gains.

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A balanced diet has all the nutrition your muscles needs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. You are not using extra weight

The trick is to lift more weight If you are looking to gain muscle, meaning that you will end up performing fewer reps. Sticking to body weight exercises such as free squats are a great way to be in shape but they do not contribute much to muscle growth. So, consider adding resistance to your workout in the form of dumbbells or resistance bands to grow and tone your leg muscles.

5. You are not doing it right

Correct posture, form and movement is the key to desired muscle gain. In case of bad form or posture or an incorrect technique being used to perform a movement, not just your legs will not see any muscle growth, you may also end up being seriously injured.


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6. You aren’t stretching enough

Pre and post workout stretching is a must when it comes to legs. It not just helps in warming up and relaxing muscles, but also accentuates your workout due to increased blood flow and flexibility due to stretching.

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Pre-workout stretches help in providing better agility to the muscle and post-workout stretches help in muscle recovery so that there is no wear and tear in the muscle group.

So, you see how seemingly small things can have a great impact on your fitness goals. That’s why if you really want to get rid of those skinny legs then start by avoiding these common mistakes from today!

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