6 bootylicious exercises that will give you a super-toned butt real fast

We agree that toning that butt ain’t easy, but these six exercises will speed up the process and tone your glutes for sure.
Lizard pose for toned butt
Try the lizard pose for toned butt! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Jan 2020, 09:25 am IST
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We all like curvy butts and that’s not a lie. Isn’t it? Well, from Kim Kardashian to Kylie Jenner–we all are big fans. But(t) the hard truth is that getting the perfectly-toned butt isn’t that easy. And just squats are not going to do much for your boo-tay. Thanks to cellulite.

FYI cellulite is a curvaceous butt’s biggest nemesis. To check whether you have it, use your palms to push your skin inwards. If you will see a formation of lumps and dimples, then yes cellulite is messing with you. And you need to work hard to get tighter glute muscles.

But before you rush to the gym, here’s a quick heads up: you need to warm up ladies. And the best way to do it is by doing butt kicks–100 with each leg are good enough.

And now, it’s time for your bum-diggy-diggy moment as we present six bootylicious exercises that will help you tone your buttocks.

1. Squats
If you’re taking our 7-day weight loss challenge, then you know the importance of doing squats. Basically, squats help you flex the butt and thigh muscles better. The deeper you squat, the more toned your butt.

Posture is key while doing squats. So you must ensure that your knees are in line with your ankle and that you are pushing out your butt while going down.

“Squats also help in improving your posture, provided you are doing them right,” says Bengaluru-based personal trainer Ben Ebenezer.

“For proper alignment, your back needs to be straight and your butt should stick out. I recommend full squats to all to fire up all gluteal muscle,” he adds.

2. Hip thrust
Although many people do hip thrusts with the aid of a barbell, but you can also bring your sofa into service and get going for a toned butt. Just remember to contract your glute muscles while you pull and push your abdomen.


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And if you are on a weight loss spree, and you’re running to get there, then hip thrusts can also improve the agility in your thigh and leg muscles, making them stronger than ever–according to a study published in the journal Sports.

3. Single-leg deadlift
Well, if you do this every week then not just your hip muscles but your core, leg, thigh, and calves muscles will also get toned–and that too proportionately.

Toned butt
Start with light weights if you’re a novice at single-leg deadlifts. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“I recommend my clients to do single-leg deadlift if they want to improve their balance and stability,” says Ben. “The proper way of judging if you’re doing it right is that your back and leg should be in a straight line and your torso should be parallel to the ground.”

4. Bear plank
Does your back cry in pain when you do these butt exercises? Then we’ve got one for you that will not just give you a toned butt, but will also nurture your back.

Part squat, part plank–you might take some time to ace the bear plank, but you’ll definitely get the butt of your dreams thanks to it. So don’t skip this one at the gym!

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5. Hip abduction
While your glutes are sorted with hip abduction, there’s another benefit this exercise has to offer. It also works on correcting knee valgus or knocked knees. And a study published in NATA Journals confirms it too. But to see results, you’ve got to do this on a regular basis.

6. Squat holds
Take the help of a wall or do it by yourself–but induct this exercise in your daily regime without a fail. You see, squat holds work on the glutes and makes them stronger–thus ensuring it can bear the weight of your entire body.

toned butt
Hold that squat to get a toned boot-ay! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

If you’re a beginner, you can start by doing a squat hold for a few seconds–increasing gradually.

A word of caution
While body-weight butt exercises are enough to show you results, if you want to graduate to using weights–you must do so under the guidance of an expert.

“If you are a beginner then free weight is the way to go. You can also try resistance training first, before moving on to weight. It’s all about doing it right and not loading yourself with excess weight which will impact your joints and lead to muscle tears,” concludes Ben.

So, there you go ladies. It’s time to shimmy as getting that boo-tay is not a far-fetched dream anymore.

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