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Sculpt every ab muscle in 30 minutes with these 6 standing abs exercises

Let’s bring some COREspiration in your life with these super six standing abs workouts that can also give you a flat belly.
Ab exercises
Doing resistance band based exercises can work magic on belly fat! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 15 Sep 2020, 10:56 am IST
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If you have a fit core then you will be just unstoppable in whatever type of workout you take up. Just to remind you, building a strong core is not child’s play. And if you think that spending hours and hours in the gym is the only way to get it done, then it looks like you clearly haven’t heard about standing abs exercises.

Standing abs exercises are a mix of light cardio and core muscle training. And this 30-minute routine that we are suggesting you today will strengthen your core and help you build endurance in just 30 days. 

So, ladies are you ready for the ultimate abs routine? Let’s begin…

1. Forward bending
The first exercise in the standing abs routine is forward bending aka the standing equivalent of crunches.

Stand straight with your feet hip width apart. Put your hands on the back of your head (or you can keep them straight above your head). Now inhale, keep your core strong, and with an exhale bend forward. Hold the pose for a second and with an inhale come back up. Repeat this standing abs exercise for 100 times.

2. Knee highs
After doing forward bends, it’s time to fire up your lower abs. Knee highs are the standing version of mountain climbers.

To do this just stand at one place and alternatively, move each leg up (towards your chest). Go as high as you can for better impact on your lower abdomen. Do this 200 times from each leg.

3. Standing oblique bends
Handling those love handles is a task. But with standing oblique bends you can totally work this muscle. In this one move, your entire oblique muscle can be worked.


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First, stand with your feet hip-width apart and hands behind your head and elbows wide. Lift your left knee towards your left elbow while you turn your towards to the left. Now that’s counted as one rep. Do at least 50 of these and then switch sides.

4. Standing bicycle
Another variant of crunches, this will help you see better results than when you struggle on the mat. Stand with your feet together, knees slightly bent, hands behind your head, and lift your left heel. Keep your abs tight and lift your left knee up as your right shoulder rotates towards the knee. Do at least 50 reps on each side.

5. Extended toe touch
This is a mix of cardio and abs exercise. To ace this you need to have a strong core and stamina.

Stand on your right leg, knee slightly bent, with left leg extended behind your hip. Extend your right arm straight overhead, palm facing forward. Slightly extend your spine and lift your chest, raising your left leg as high as you can, and reaching your right arm. Pull your abs into your spine and sweep your left leg forward, reaching your toes with your right hand. Do at least 50 extensions from each leg.

6. Standing twists
It’s time to relax your core muscles. And for that nothing can beat standing twists. This one will not just burn that extra fat in the back and lower abs area, but also release the stiffness from the abs muscles.

For this just stand straight keeping your toes together. Now with a hop, move from left to right and right to left, ensuring that you just move your lower body. Do 100 on each side and you are good to go.

And that’s it ladies. Well done for completing the whole round in one go. Follow it persistently for a month and see the results.

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