6 baffling thoughts you have when you try to deadlift for the first time

Surely, deadlifts can strengthen your muscles, but you know what else they can strengthen? Your relationship with your gym pants.
Deadlifts aren't child's play. GIF Courtesy: Giphy
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 6 Dec 2019, 05:52 pm IST
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Trying a deadlift for the first time at the gym can be as special and memorable as, say, your first date.

Bending forward to lift the weighted barbell off the ground can be a ground-breaking point in your fitness journey. After all, it brings with itself a promise of strengthening and toning up your core and lower body.

Hence you’re bound to have certain confused thoughts when you try this exercise for the first time. Here’s what you might end up thinking and feeling:

What if I fart?
God! The instructor is watching and so is the entire gym. Forget the gobhi/mooli paranthas you ate in the morning, the pressure of being watched by so many people as you try to deadlift can turn you into a pressure cooker, ready to let out a whistle after bending. You know what we mean, right?

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Thank god for seamless panties!
When you bend forward to reach out for the weighted barbell, the last thing you want is for people to check out your panty line shining through your gym pants, right?

Dear gym pants, please don’t tear apart
You know what else a deadlift can strengthen? Your relationship with your gym pants, which you always take for granted. It’s when the power to save your izzat lies in their hands, you realize how important they are for you. And you can’t help but pray that at this crucial moment in your life, they don’t just tear apart.

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Why do I feel so exposed
“Hip out!”, “chest out”! The trainer shouting out these instructions on top of his voice as you attempt the deadlift are just about enough to give really crazy ideas to some dudes in the gym.

Shall I poison or stab this instructor?
Excruciating back pain can turn the noblest of souls on the planet into full-fledged killers. You’re no exception friend, and if the fear of spraining a muscle or two can lead you to contemplate getting violent with trainer, who proposed the idea of trying a deadlift in the first place, it’s only natural!

The world is a judgemental place!
Whether deadlifts tone up and strengthen your core, back, and hamstring is a discussion for another day. But, while you’re at it for the first time, your feminist side might come out. For a moment, you might realise how people watch a deadlift like it’s a free show. No matter how terrible their own stance is, they’re quick to judge yours.


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